Colva Beach Goa (Location, Activities, Night Life, Pictures, Facts & More)

Lying on the shores of a curious coastal town in Goa, Colva beach is a genuinely eminent holiday destination for all sightseers. It extends for a great 2.4 km and highlights striking white sand, turquoise waves, and transcending coconut palms. Vacationers from around the world continue the Colva beach for sights of shocking nightfalls and noteworthy blue waves.

Colva Beach, South Goa – Things to Do, How to Reach

Colva Beach Goa

As you track the beach, you will observe eccentric cottages and inns up and down the shores. The Portuguese effect on this area has been huge since the 1600s when the well-off British and Portuguese considered Colva Beach as a superb place to get away. You will likewise find various beach shacks, inns, and little shops around the ocean alongside a few remains of old Portuguese estates and houses. You can take on a large group of water and beach games on the Colva beach while relaxing under the sun and partaking in the charming ocean breeze. The Colva Church, likewise called Igreja de Nossa Senhora das Mercês, loans strict importance to the beach.

Focal points for Colva Beach

Nightlife at Colva Beach

Club Margarita– A trendy club found somewhat away from Colva Beach, Margarita highlights tremendous music, an exuberant vibe, and an enormous assortment of beverages and mixed drinks.

Boomerang Bar-The boomerang Beach Bar is an eccentric beachside bar and pub known for a lively climate and astounding mixed drinks. Have a little taste of their brand-name drinks for a superb encounter.

Club Sunshine– Widely utilized as a wedding setting, club Sunshine is one of the most preferred beachside home bases of Colva. Attempt their small hors d’oeuvres assuming you wish to partake in Goa’s nightlife at its best.

Wendy’s Fire-Wendy’s Fire is a stylish eatery and bar situated close to Colva Beach. Here, you can appreciate both exceptional and conventional beverages and a few mainland dishes too.

Spots to Eat at Colva Beach

Leda – Lounge and Resort – Named after one of Jupiter’s moons, the Leda eatery will get you phenomenal fish and some really one-of-a-kind finger food things. While there, certainly attempt the prawn mixed drink and the pineapple salsa.

The Madras Café-Located exceptionally close to Our Lady of Mercy Church, this spot has a few European dishes you can attempt. They additionally offer incredible mixed drinks that will provide you with a genuine taste of Goa.

The Garden Restaurant – Hosting Chinese, Indian, and Goan food basically, the Garden café is the ideal party for your taste birds. Visit this spot to have the choicest dishes of essential worldwide cooking styles.

Instructions to Reach Colva Beach

From Panjim

Colva Beach lies around 27 kilometers from Panjim. You can either drive or take a taxi to arrive at Colva beach from Panji. Approx driving time between the two spots is about 40 minutes, and it is the most helpful method for going between Panaji and Colva.

From Goa International Airport

To arrive at Colva Beach from the Goa International air terminal, you can either take a taxi, Towncar, or drive a vehicle rental. The rough distance and driving time are 23 km and 30 minutes, separately. Traffic conditions can expand your driving span.

Best Time To Visit Colva Beach

Since Colva is a seaside region, the weather conditions are moderate throughout the year. Nonetheless, most vacationers favor October to March to visit this beach, making it particularly swarmed during these months. You can decide to visit during these months on the off chance that you need a break from the chilly climate that holds the vast majority of India as of now.

Normal temperatures range from 20 degrees (most minimal) to 30 degrees (most noteworthy) from October to March, making it even more agreeable. Visit during the night to get perfect sunsets or perspectives on transitory birds.

Fundamental Information About Colva Beach

Shopping at Colva Beach

With the best of the sun, the waters, and the sand, Goa doesn’t need shopping delights by the same token. Colva’s beach and road markets are a customer’s heaven with their astonishing cashew nuts, flavors, cashew feni, crafted works, instruments, and hand-painted figures.

While you won’t experience huge shopping centers nearby, numerous fashioner shops and stores are accessible for you to look for beachwear and swimwear. Do attempt the swap meets and night markets around Colva Beach to land maximally productive deals.

Spots to Stay Near Colva Beach

Longuinhos Beach Resort-The Longuinhos beach retreat is found extremely near the Goa Chitra Museum and has a lot of tropical nurseries on its premises. Remain here for a stunning perspective on Colva Beach.

Williams Beach Resort-With airy and large rooms including roof fans and particular paints, the Williams beach hotel is a brilliant spot to remain for those needing a perspective on the Arabian ocean.

Silver Sand Beach Resort-The Silver Sand Beach Resort is a basic eatery with rooms that have galleries, agreeable couch beds, and suites. Remain here to observe Goa’s effortlessness and style.

Club Mahindra Acacia-The Club Mahindra Acacia is an extravagance remaining spot ignoring the peaceful Colva beach and encompassed by green palms loaning it a tropical viewpoint. Appreciate offices like pools and breakfast buffets here.

Things you should definitely carry to Colva Beach

At the point when you visit Colva Beach, you would need to have the commonplace beach involvement in zero inconveniences. To guarantee that you don’t spend superfluous cash purchasing things that you could undoubtedly convey to yourself, try to have a rucksack with the accompanying things.

  • Swimwear
  • Sarongs
  • Flats or flip flops
  • Shorts
  • Cotton Dresses or light garments with effectively dryable materials
  • Water Bottles (Being dried out at the beach is exceptionally normal, always remember to convey a water bottle with you to remain hydrated the entire day)
  • Sunscreen
  • Caps
  • Umbrellas
  • Cloth Swings
  • Sunbathing Mats

Shacks at Colva Beach

Beach shacks are probably the most effective ways to unwind at the Colva beach while partaking in some select food things and remarkable beachside mixed drinks. The beach shacks of Colva beach additionally contain bright furnishings, enthusiastic and energetic ambiances, and inconceivable beverages and food. Probably the best cabins at the Colva Beach include:

  • Rafael’s: This spot serves North Indian, Chinese, and Goan dishes. Attempt the various soups and breakfast things here.
  • Pedro’s: Pedro’s is a fabulous beach shack where you can attempt the most phenomenal non-vegan dishes and fish things.
  • The Baggie’s Café: The Baggie’s bistro has an open format where you can relax in the sun while partaking in a few delectable and reviving mixed drinks.
  • Joecons Beach Shack: The Joecons Beach Shack is known for its astonishing European breakfast dishes and a perfect perspective on the Arabian waves.

Clinical Facilities close to Colva Beach

Mishaps are, tragically, pervasive while you appreciate beachside and water sports. In such cases, it is vital to know about the restorative offices situated around the beach. There are a few emergency clinics and clinical facilities all around Colva Beach. Also, Colva beach has a few lifeguards and watch monitors who are prepared to forestall most mishaps around the beach. Here is a rundown of firmly found centers

  • Das Hospitality and Services
  • Dr. Correia Afonso Hospital
  • ESI Hospital
  • Supervi Chest Hospitals

Voyager’s Tips for Visiting Colva Beach

Some fundamental travel ways to visit Colva Beach are as follows:

  • More often than not by and large around the year, Colva beach is extremely packed. To really partake in your time at the beach, you should head towards it during the early evening and remain till late around the evening time. Attempt to find a confined spot that provides you with the ideal perspective on the sunset.
  • Continuously convey sunscreen and caps with you. The sun can be really severe on most days, and you won’t have any desire to bother your skin with a horrendous sun-related burn.
  • Wear cotton garments that can be dried rapidly. Getting wet while visiting the beach is unthinkable not. Being in weighty articles of clothing that don’t dry rapidly can demonstrate awkwardness to you.
  • Attempt to go as light as possible. While swimming or getting a charge out of water sports, you won’t need to stress over putting away your things.

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