Anjuna Beach Goa (Location, Activities, Night Life, Photos, Facts & More)

India’s West Coast heaven, Goa, is home to a few great beaches of India. One of them is known as the Anjuna Beach. From a calm family get-away to a thrilling end of the week with your crew, the beach takes care of individuals with various travel tastes and financial plans. Renowned for its Goan impacts, popular clubs, beachside inns, and resorts, Anjuna beach is exciting heaven inside Goa.

Anjuna Beach Goa

Extended over the brilliant shoreline, the southern and northern finish of Anjuna beach offers plenty of exercise. While the southern end comprises a rough headland, the northern end has water sports like bungee jumping, uneven banana rides, and considerably more. Anjuna beach is Goa’s nearby “multi-faceted entertainment hub”.

Anjuna beach gives you a portion of the splendid landscape and visual view during dawn and dusk. The mix of the white sand and the glimmering blue ocean make an unsurpassable view. Likewise, you might not have any desire to miss the foremost fascination of the beach, the flea market. It charms an enormous number of sightseers to swarm this spot each Wednesday. You’ll get a superb arrangement in the event that you’re a specialist in bargaining.

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Anjuna Beach Highlights

  • Get your dancing shoes on and notch toward the west side music with the stunning night parties.
  • Witness the rich extensive past of the hippie culture at the beach and set yourself free at one of the most famous dance clubs in Goa, Paradiso.
  • Permit yourself a delightful lunch at the renowned Curlies café on shore.
  • On the off chance that you’re at the beach on a Wednesday, count yourself fortunate to shop at the flea market held during those hours.
  • On the off chance that you ache for an adventure, do partake in a portion of the numerous watersports like a Banana rides, Jet skiing, Parasailing, and so on.
  • Visit the Chapora Fort to get a superior perspective near the ocean along with investigating the post’s inconceivable history.
  • Have an opportunity to observe the all-encompassing perspective from one of the many enthralling galleries at the Mascarenhas Mansion.

Focal points for Anjuna Beach


The Anjuna beach is known for its rocky formations and beautiful magnificence. Vacationers ordinarily parasail here to encounter this beautiful view. Additionally, you would rather not miss neglecting the Aguada post when you are up in the sky.

Rough banana Ride

One of the most outstanding water sports in Goa, a visit to Anjuna is deficient without the rough banana ride. With appropriate direction and security measures, you can take in the scenery with your gang.


Hoping to enjoy your get-away with the marvels of marine life? Then Anjuna beach is the spot you ought to be in. The beach proposals to reach out to the stupendous underwater world.

Anjuna Flea Market

Anjuna’s flea market is the sovereign of the hippie flea markets of Goa. Breaking the standard thoughts of shopping, the flea market invites stock from everywhere in India. You can undoubtedly recognize Tibetan and Kashmiri merchants, beautiful saris from Rajasthan, sacks, comforters from Gujarat, and significantly more.


Abandoned continuously, Curlies becomes fully awake after nightfall. It is maybe perhaps of the most seasoned shack Goa has seen. From daze darlings to party haters, this spot is for everybody.

Club Cubana

Situated on Arpora slope, Club Cubana is otherwise called ‘Club overhead’. Astonishing food, awesome atmosphere, and reasonable pricing are the USP of this spot.

Instructions to Reach Anjuna Beach

  • Instructions to arrive at Anjuna Beach from Panaji – You can arrive at Anjuna Beach by taking local transport from Panjim KTC Bus Stand to Mapusa. Take a transport from Panaji to Mapusa, and afterward one more transport from Mapusa to Anjuna. As the distance between Anjuna Beach and Panaji is just about 18 km, it’ll require 40-45 minutes during voyaging.
  • Instructions to arrive at Anjuna Beach from Goa International Airport – You can either take a prepaid taxi from the air terminal or a neighborhood transport. If you have any desire to go by transport then stroll to the transport stand and take a transport till Panaji. Once more, a similar course follows one more transport from Mapusa to Anjuna beach. The ride is helpful and reasonable.

Best Time To Visit Anjuna Beach

The ideal opportunity to visit Anjuna Beach is in winters which for the most part start from November to March. Goa’s weather conditions are very blustery and charming during this time. However, you should keep an additional woolen garment with you. The temperature ranges between 21 C to 33 C. The summers would be warm and not a great time for excursions.

In addition, sightseers ought to be cautious if visiting during the storm, i.e., from June to October. The elevated tides and weighty precipitation can upset your arranged agenda. During rainstorms, you can see an ascent in the water level of the Anjuna Beach, that is the reason sightseers typically abstain from going there.

Fundamental Information About Anjuna Beach

Bistros to Explore on Anjuna Beach

  1. Eva Café: Head to Eva Café on Anjuna beach for a tranquil loosening up spot. The shack is arranged right in a tough spot, so relish the perspective on Anjuna beach while crunching on the renowned avocado sandwich.
  2. Goa’s Ark: Known for the impeccably prepared Mediterranean food, Goa’s Ark is famous for its realness. While you pay a decent incentive for cash, it is an optimal spot to unwind and loosen up.
  3. Oasis Café: Want to investigate the nearby diners? Go to Oasis Café. With a vibe of diverting wall plates, the bistro offers worldwide foods, likewise, the Goan fish curry is energetically suggested.

Things to Carry at Anjuna Beach –

There are a couple of things that you ought to take with you for a problem-free beach involvement with Anjuna. Some of them are:

  • Remember to carry water and a cap as it can get extremely smug.
  • Keep mosquito repellent and sunscreen lotions with you to safeguard your skin.
  • Keep that umbrella with you in case there is a sudden downpour.
  • For strolling across Anjuna beach or going out to shop in and out of town, have a few comfortable shoes, or lower leg lash shoes primed and ready.

Going to water sports? Remember to pack your beachwear and bathing suits.

  • Take shades and goggles with you to save yourself from the sun’s baking beams.
  • On the off chance that you are visiting in the colder time of year season, i.e., November to March, you could want to keep a couple of hoodies with you.

Voyagers’ Tip prior to visiting Anjuna Beach

Going to another spot can be an extreme riddle to sort out. Peruse on for what you really want to be aware of prior to visiting there.

  • No matter what the laidback Goan flows, the owning or circulation of drugs is totally unlawful. Along these lines, express NO to any such medications. Decide in favor of alert.
  • Travelers are typically inclined to burn from the sun and sunstrokes. To stay away from these dangers, apply high SPF sunscreen.
  • Book your hotel ahead of time to save yourself from getting broke. During the long ends of the week and cold weather months, things can become more busy and costly.
  • Try not to enjoy any water sports prior to being familiar with them. Continuously take the direction of the educator.
  • Notice and check the security measures and rules for water sports.

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