Dona Paula Beach Goa, India (Location, Activities, Night Life, Images, Facts & Things To Do)

A paradise for lovers, the name of the area got its assignment after a lamentable romantic tale, making the spot really fascinating and snappy. This previous town is a paradise on earth that gives beautiful spots and gigantic space for sunbathing while at the same time loosening up in the quiet sea shores and contiguous clean blue waters.

Dona Paula Beach, Goa – Things to Do, How to Reach

Dona Paula Beach Goa


Dona Paula beach is situated at a distance of 7 km from Panjim and is famously called the lover’s heaven in Goa. The name of the beach has been kept after the then Viceroy’s girl Dona Paula de Menezes who was accepted to be frantically in love with a fisherman. Her crazy love for the angler drove her to leap off the precipice when the Viceroy wouldn’t strike a marital bond between the two.

A consistently large number of travelers come here to get a portion of their delight and the story connected to it likewise makes it a fascinating spot to visit. Snuggled in the southern piece of the peninsula, the beach likewise has its importance since this is where two conspicuous waterways Zuari and Mandovi meet the Arabian Sea. The beach offers excellent perspectives on the palm trees and Mormugao Harbor. The perspective on the hill guarantees a quiet unwinding.

Must-Visit Places

The beach has numerous lovely places that are must-visits. We have recorded a few spots which could intrigue you when you are here.

  1. National Oceanography Institute – The stand-out organization is the center spot for sea life science and waterfront oceanography. Inside the establishment, the two spots which are the best are the Marine Biology Museum and Taxonomy Reference Center.
  2. Cabo Raj Niwas – Located exceptionally near Dona Paula Beach, the Raj Niwas has the burial place of Dona Paula de Menezes inside the sanctuary there. It additionally offers incredible perspectives on the the close by beach and the puzzling Aguada Fort.
  3. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary – Primarily a Mangrove Forest, this bird safe-haven has unique bird species for enthusiastic bird watchers. Consistently different and uncommon transient birds visit the sanctuary allowing an interesting opportunity for vigorous bird watchers to photograph them.
  4. Reis Magos Church – Located at a distance of only 10 km from the beach, Magos church is one of the most established places of worship in Goa. It is devoted to the three wise men of the east that got gifts for Baby Jesus. Leftovers of the Cabo De Rama Fort – The remains of the fort present an appealing sight that must be visited as a general rule. The fort likewise has a 180-year-old burial ground which additionally has a burial chamber built in the memory of Dona Paula de Menezes.

Water sports in Dona Paula Beach

The beach brings a lot to the table regarding activities that individuals can effectively take part in. In the pinnacle season, the interest in water sports exercises shoots up thus does the energy level. The different water sports exercises presented at Dona Paula Beach are:

  1. Water Scooter ride: Suitable for individuals, everything being equal, the water bikes here are very much kept up with. In view of the need and certainty level of the rider, the aide likewise goes with him/her. For kids, it is better than a grown-up likewise adventures on the ride.
  2. Windsurfing: Windsurfing is testing yet when you leave it, you will need to return and do everything over in the future. Windsurfing is very famous with vacationers and one of the most favored brandishing goings-on
  3. Parasailing: Parasailing is a typical water sports activity that is presented on all significant sea shores of Goa. This is by a long shot the most famous movement and is of much interest, particularly during peak seasons.
  4. Water Skiing: It requires a ton of guts and certainty to set out on water skiing. The guide offers extraordinary help and direction so you can without a doubt keep your trepidation to the side and appreciate it.
  5. Kayaking and Yachting: Not a lot in demand yet Kayaking unquestionably has a few takers. For the people who need to loosen up in the dark blue ocean and fail to remember every one of the burdens, Kayaking, and yachting is most likely an extraordinary choice.

The most effective method to Reach

  • The most effective method to Reach Dona Paula Beach from Panjim

Dona Paula Beach isn’t exceptionally distant from Panjim. The beach is situated at a simple 6 km away from the Panjim transport stand. You can take a taxi or a taxi or even get on public vehicle transport. It will take a near 15 minutes to arrive at the beach remembering light traffic on your way.

  • How to Reach Dona Paula Beach from Goa International Airport

Goa International Airport is near 38 km from the beach. The airport is very much associated with every one of the significant urban areas in India. From the air terminal, you can recruit a taxi or take the neighborhood transport which will take you to the spot in about 60 minutes.

Best Time To Visit

The environment is wet over time yet it is generally lovely in the months between November and February. June and September ought to be avoided on the grounds that it rains during this period. Temperature differs however the progressions are exact moments.

January is the coolest month and May is the hottest month with normal temperatures around 25 degrees and 30 degrees individually. Because of propinquity to the ocean, the moistness is very high in the late spring months which increases by 60%.

Nightlife at Dona Paula Beach

For a hippie-night set up with lip-smacking food, inebriating wine, and hip-shaking numbers, Dona Paula beach evenings are engaging and habit-forming. You will need to return here each evening and sink in the night quality of the beach. There are numerous famous pubs and bars where you can move the entire evening and appreciate till the extremely early times.

  1. Bar Latino: This is perhaps of the most established place here and is known for its mood and incredible-tasting food. In the event that you love the playful nightlife of Goa, this spot most likely characterizes it. The lounge-cum-bar is the ideal spot for everybody to loosen up and have trouble.
  2. Lobby Bar: This is one of the most famous spots to hang out in the evening time. Appropriate for adolescents and couples, the bar is energetic and continuously clamoring with action. You can stir things up around the town floor and have a calm beverage in the agreeable parlor and furthermore eat from the very much created menu.
  3. Bar Alfonso: Another well-known home base for voyagers, the Bar Alfonso has a wonderful and agreeable feel to it. The music is stimulating and the food is heavenly here. Aside from these 3 noticeable bars and bars, there are a few different spots where the explorer can visit like Pescador, Harbor, Menino’s Bar and café, and the Pooja Bar.

Clinical Facilities close to Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula beach and the town have great clinical offices in its area. The Manipal group of clinics is viewed as the greatest clinic in the town of Dona Paula. Aside from multi-specialty clinics, numerous little centers are open over the course of the day. The government health center likewise is near the beach and effectively available. Drug stores are accessible all through and the vast majority of the significant prescriptions are accessible there.

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