Versova Beach Mumbai (Timings, History, Entry Fee, Images & Information)

Kids attempting to quiet the waves, companions taking selfies on the rocks, and merchants selling bhelpuri, that is the essence of the energetic Versova Beach. It is a little Beach, more like an expansion to Juhu, yet less populated.

Versova Beach is in the Andheri suburb, and it is the cleanest and among the least visited beaches in Mumbai. Due to periodic solid flows and elevated tides, it is restricted to swim in the water. In any case, nothing can prevent you from respecting the nightfall from the shore on a somewhat sleepy evening.

Versova Beach(Mumbai) – All You Need to Know About It Before Visit

Versova Beach Mumbai

The 3 km long rocky and rough Versova Beach faces the Middle Eastern Ocean, and individuals likewise visit the spot in the desire to catch some Olive Ridley turtles in their camera lens. Horse-riding and cycling are different exercises accessible at Versova, aside from fulfilling the inclinations of Beach photography.

Versova is likewise known for its fish market. It is the home to Koli individuals – the most established fishing local area of Mumbai.

What should be done at Versova Beach

  1. Witness the sunset – Versova Beach gives an unhampered all-encompassing view of the Arabian Sea and the brilliant sun setting in it. Not at all like the close by Juhu Beach, in Versova, the train of your viewpoints will not be perturbed by hordes of food merchants. Also, you can appreciate the lack of approachability sitting on the rocks.
  2. Ride a horse – Horses are accessible and available close to Versova Beach. Furthermore, horse riding is a must-attempt action. You can race along the length of the Beach while the pony scoops out the sand or ride it on the waves, sprinkling water on the spectators.
  3. Looking for fish – The Koli fishing local area occupies one end of the Beach, and they go into the ocean each day with their lines and nets. Fishing is their fundamental occupation and the fish market here is among the greatest fish markets. It offers different fishes and aquatic animals.
  4. Taking photos – The beautiful view and the isolation at Versova Beach draws in numerous photographic artists. Some show up at dusk to catch the brilliant tints of the sky while others are at sunrise to approach the fishers. Snacks merchant by the Versova Rock Beach, monster sailfish in the fish market, and the horses coasting across the shore are the various perspectives, which individuals click.
  5. Looking at Madh island – Madh Island is the home to many fishing towns and you can go there by a short ship ride from Versova wharf. Assuming that you’re there at night, you can likewise partake in the humming nightlife. The island additionally has the Madh Fort (also known as Versova Post), which is encircled by the fishing networks today. Numerous films and Television programs have taken shots at this spot.

When is the best time to Visit Versova Beach?

You can visit the Beach any time during the day. Evening hours, be that as it may, are the most swarmed. Also, assuming you’re sharp about seeing new catches from the ocean, visit Versova Beach in the early morning. The returning boats have heaps of fish and other seawater animals, which the fishing local area barters by the evening at the Versova Beach Fish Market.

The best months to visit the Beach are from October to March when the humidity in Mumbai is lower. On the off chance that you love to fish, you ought to design your visit around the 3-day Koli Fish Celebration. The Koli people group coordinates it in January, consistently.

Versova Beach Timings and Entry Fees

Guests don’t need to pay a charge to appreciate Versova Beach. You can go through hours painting the views, catching the rough limit, or watching the waves rise and fall. Yet, know about the elevated tide timings. This Beach in Versova can be completely under the ocean now and again.

Time to Investigate Versova Beach

Versova Beach in Mumbai doesn’t furnish you with an assortment of water sports open doors. In this way, one hour will be sufficient to look at Versova Beach in the event that you don’t want to visit the fish market. Be that as it may, if you need to visit Madh Post across the stream, you should have a half day reserved for experiencing it.

Fascinating realities about Versova Beach

  • Versova went about as a port for sea-related transactions
  • The monster rocks at the Beach guard the structures from serious areas of strength for the waves
  • The Beach was utilized as a dumping ground for rubbish from everywhere in the city
  • The Versova Beach tidy-up project started in October 2015 and it went on for a very long time
  • Afroz Shah is the one who cleaned Versova Beach alongside different workers

Spots to visit close to Versova Beach

  1. Juhu Beach – Juhu Beach is among the most well-known beaches of India, and a creek isolates it from Versova. Travelers and local people visit the Beach to unwind and partake in the neighborhood tidbits and cheap food of Mumbai. It is around 3-4 km from Versova Beach, by road. Aside from the road food corners, Juhu Beach is known for chance experiences with superstars as well. Numerous entertainers and sportspersons live around here and they come to Juhu Beach for running or yoga meetings. You can likewise observe incidental film takes shots at the Beach.
  1. ISKCON Temple – The ISKCON Temple is a Hindu sanctuary devoted to Lord Krishna. Aficionados come here to take endowments from Radha Rasabihari, Gaura-Nitai, and Sita Rama Laxman Hanuman. It is around 3 km from Versova Beach and two or three hundred meters from Juhu Beach.
  2. Sanjay Gandhi National Park – This national park is a well-known excursion spot, around 17 km away from Versova Beach. Individuals come here to appreciate drifting, cycling, and journeying on the paths. On weekends, numerous families likewise come for the wilderness safari. An enormous assortment of vegetation draws in guests from around the world. Birds like kingfishers are normal as are butterflies. You can likewise detect numerous transient birds in the recreation area. Macaques, deers, and lions are different creatures you can see during the safari.
  3. Kanheri Caves – The Kanheri Caves complex is a piece of Sanjay Gandhi Public Park. It is on a slope, which is open through a traveling trail and a progression of rock-cut steps. These caverns filled in as Buddhist religious communities and were worked over numerous hundreds of years. The initial ones of the 109 caverns date back to the first century BCE. However, the latest and more intricate ones were worked around the eleventh century CE.

The caves used to be a spot for love, study, and reflection and have numerous sculptures and works of art of Buddha, some of which stay incomplete.

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