Bandra Bandstand Mumbai (Timings, History, Entry Fee, Images & Information)

The most famous walkway in the rich Mumbai suburb of Bandra is effortlessly perceived as the Bandstand. Estimating 1.2 kilometers, Bandra Bandstand has been deified in various Bollywood motion pictures, TV cleansers, unscripted TV dramas, YouTube videos, and even notices.

Bandra Bandstand(Mumbai) – All You Need to Know About It Before Visit

Bandra Bandstand Mumbai

Otherwise called Bandstand Promenade, this renowned walkway has a lot of stardust on it. It’s obviously true that probably the most fabulous film stars have their lofts or lodges around Bandra Bandstand.

Bandra Bandstand Timings and Entry Fee

Fortunately, Bandra Bandstand is a public walkway. Accordingly, it is open consistently during the day and on the entire day of the week. There is no passage charge since there are no assigned check presents on the Bandstand Promenade. The spot is an incredible balancer since you can find individuals from all strolls of society partaking in the open space – from high-profile famous people and well-off money managers to everyday workers and broke schoolgoers.

The layout of Bandra Bandstand

Enjoying a noticeable perspective on the Bedouin Ocean, Bandra Bandstand is to a great extent a mobile and running road with a cleared promenade, a running track, and, surprisingly, an equal edge that permits individuals to sit and take in the nightfall and the ocean breeze. There is a uniform coating of trees on the other edge of the walkway, safeguarding it from the central avenue and the clamor of the city’s traffic.

Toward one side of Bandra Bandstand is an amphitheater, assembled chiefly for the biennial culture fest of this suburb – Celebrate Bandra. Other music and dance exhibitions are additionally held at the amphitheater. One more spot for live exhibitions is the Craftsman’s Corner. On Sundays, when Bandra Bandstand is especially packed, one can observe public practices here.

History Behind the Bandra Bandstand

A while ago when the city of Mumbai was as yet known by its old name ‘Bombay’ (which was given by the Portuguese), the Bandra Bandstand was developed by Sir Byramjee Jeejeebhoy. Sir Jeejeebhoy was a Parsi humanitarian who loaned his name to this popular walkway. To date, the Bandstand Promenade is formally known as Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Street.

At some point in the nineteenth 100 years, the walkway was broadly utilized for exhibitions by the European military to engage the unfamiliar ex-pat merchants who lived there. There was a committed bandstand with a shade purposed for this kind of melodic diversion. The name bandstand stuck through regardless of there being no such band execution any longer and is the main unmistakable name by which the renowned promenade is known.

What should be done at the Bandra Bandstand

One of the most loved hangouts of undergrads and couples, the Bandra Bandstand has numerous exercises one can anticipate:

  1. Stay in shape with a light run or long stroll along the bandstand promenade. The all-around cleared stretch guarantees that you won’t require exceptionally high padding in that frame of mind to safeguard your feet from the standard aggravation you could feel while running on a tarred street.
  2. Practice your photography skills by catching different articles through alternate points of view, whether it is picture shots of individuals strolling about the promenade or the dusk or the Bandra Worli Sea Link.
  3. Snack on rolls squeezes or ice cream from the various shops that line the street across the bandstand.
  4. Leave your vehicle and sit on the edge just to partake in the nightfall, before the sun starts to go down until it turns all dim.
  5. Drive past Mannat, the bungalow of the Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan. You will not be permitted to enter this gated region, and monitors generally watch outside. By the by, the celebrity frequently goes along with his fans with a wave from his gallery on specific events, for example, his birthday or the delivery date of his motion pictures when heaps of fans swarm up external his home.
  6. Film buffs and Bollywood fans can anticipate seeing one more star at the Bandra Bandstand, Salman Khan. His home is in a structure named System Condos. You can never see anybody from his home on the windows ever, even subsequent to representing hours. Yet, you can luck out when Salman goes on his morning strolls at times.
  7. Aside from meeting Shahrukh and Salman, the two Khans who appear to lead Bollywood, you likewise have an opportunity to go over different entertainers and famous people, both from the cinema and the big screen. A few top stars lean toward natural air over rec centers, and you would end up running along the bandstand on your big moments!
  8. Bandra Bandstand is a favored site for the pre-wedding photoshoot since it offers an unmistakable perspective on the Bandra Worli Ocean Connection and the quiet ocean. You can get captured by proficient cameramen who will organize the coordinated factors for you, including props and impacts.

Spots to Visit Close to Bandra Bandstand

Bandra Fort: Otherwise called Castella de Aguada, Bandra Post remains on the Land’s End of Mumbai. The Portuguese assembled this lookout in 1640 at an elevation of 79 feet over the ocean level. The post is available to guests at every one of the times of the week from 6 AM until 6:30 PM. Stopping is accessible at an expense of INR 60 on the off chance that you visit after 8 AM. The passage is liberated from cost before in the first part of the day.

Mount Mary Church: Officially named Basilica of Our Woman of the Mount, Bandra’s Mount Mary Church is one of the most well-known Roman Catholic places of worship in all of Mumbai. Arranged on a hillock, the basilica is devoted to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Lands End Garden: Situated along the Bandra Fort Trail, Lands End Garden is open on the entire day of the week aside from Sundays. The timings are 6 AM to 6:30 PM all through. The garden has an amphitheater for exhibitions and a great deal of green cover which incorporates in excess of 600 trees and more than 60 kinds of bushes. Lands End Nursery offers a decent spot to look at the Mahim Inlet and the Bandra Worli Sea Link.

Worli Sea Face: When you cross the Bandra Worli Sea Link towards Worli, you arrive at the Worli Sea Face at some distance. The is one of the most famous spots for local people to chill in the night. There is a wide promenade with a guest plan along the whole stretch.

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