Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad (Entry Fee, Timings, Entry Ticket Cost, Price)

Nehru Zoological Park is perhaps of the most adored and visited fascination in Hyderabad with more than 1500 species tracking down their territory here with very nearly 380 acres of land area.

In execution of proposals of the Indian Board for Wildlife, Govt. of India, the Zoological Park was opened to the general society in the year 1963. It is otherwise called Hyderabad Zoo, found 16 km away from the city which is close to the Mir Alam Tank.

Nehru Zoological Park

This Zoological Park is thought of as perhaps the biggest zoo in India and has been named after the primary head of the state of the country, Jawaharlal Nehru. It was introduced by the then Governor of Andhra Pradesh, General S.M. Sri. Nagesh, on the sixth of October 1963.

The Zoo has many changes and augmentations amazingly which incorporate the first Safari Park in the country in the year 1974; a Nocturnal House in the year 1982; and an Open Butterfly park in the year 1988. It praised the Brilliant Celebration in the year 2013. After the arrangement of the new state, Telangana, the Zoo has 155 Species and 1550 specimens. The principal objective of fostering this Zoological Park was to moderate the untamed life, particularly the jeopardized types of the Deccan level, and furthermore restore them.

One such lovely zoo is the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad, Telangana. Likewise known by the name of Zoo Park, it was laid out in 1963 when it opened for people in general. From that point forward, it has been quite possibly the most visited place in Hyderabad. At the point when you are visiting Hyderabad, the Nehru Zoological Park should be remembered for your Hyderabad visit package. Here are those extraordinary highlights:

A Toy Train Ride is a Must

One of the USPs of the Zoo Park, Hyderabad, is the toy train ride. You can get a brief glance around the recreation area while on the train ride. This is particularly ideal when you simply need to take the lay of the land before you begin investigating it. Note that the ticket cost for a toy train ride is extra than the ticket cost for the zoo. A toy train ride for an adult cost ₹20 and for a youngster (younger than 10) is ₹10.

It is quite possibly of the best Zoo in Asia

The Zoo Park, Hyderabad, is viewed as perhaps of the best zoo in Asia. It is all around kept up with and sweeping. In this way, Hyderabad zoo is home to more than 1500 types of birds, reptiles, and creatures. Here, you can see different species like white peacocks, rhinoceros, chimpanzees, African elephants, Bengal tiger, Asiatic lions, thin loris, impalas, and pythons, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The zoo is extended over an area of 380 acres of land.

Visit the Nocturnal House

A zoo is an open space and it is open just during the day. In any case, not all creatures that live in the wild are day creatures. Many become dynamic after sunset. So, it is challenging for an individual visiting a zoo to likewise see these nocturnal creatures. At the Zoo Park, Hyderabad, you can purchase a ticket for the Nocturnal House and furthermore see the creatures that live continuously.

Go on a Tiger and Lion Safari

To encounter a safari one would for the most part need to visit a public park or safe haven. One more choice to go on a safari is by essentially visiting Zoo Park, Hyderabad. The zoo houses Asiatic lion, Bengal tiger, and buffalo, and the sky is the limit from there, that you watch on the safari. The ticket cost of a safari is likewise added to the ticket cost of Zoo Park, Hyderabad. For a grown-up, the safari costs ₹50 and ₹30 for a youngster.

Don’t miss the Jurassic Park

Not the film, but rather genuine replicas of the dinosaurs that existed during the Jurassic time. You might have seen large numbers of these dinosaurs in the 1993 Steven Spielberg hit film of a similar name too. Here, you can see the humongous figures of Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, and more in this Jurassic. This is the ideal spot to visit in the Zoo Park, Hyderabad, for people who love dinosaurs.

Other Significant Things to Realize about Zoo Park, Hyderabad

What are the Timings of the Recreation area?

The planning of Zoo Park, Hyderabad, is 8:00 am to 5 pm the entire days of the week with the exception of Mondays.

Where is it Found?

The Zoo Park, Hyderabad, is situated close to Mir Alam Tank on Zoo Primary Park Street, Bahadarpura West, in Hyderabad, Telangana.

What are the facilities provided for the guests?

You gain admittance to free safe drinking water, latrines, emergency treatment, havens, and seats in the recreation area. The recreation area likewise has guesthouse convenience for the people who need to rest.

What is the entry fee?

The ticket cost of Zoo Park, Hyderabad, has been isolated into two classes: Weekdays and weekends. On work days, the ticket cost per kid (3-10 years) is ₹30 and for a grown-up (everybody over the age of 10) is ₹50.

Significant Elements and Offices Zoo Park

It isn’t just the creatures, birds, and reptiles that you get to see at the zoo. The zoo organization additionally gives different highlights and offices that improve your involvement with the zoo. These include:


The security of the guests and the creatures is absolutely vital at the zoo. This is the reason security staff is available all throughout the recreation area to stay away from any kind of disagreeable episode. Fire security hardware is consistently present all throughout the premises. Furthermore, in the event anybody falls wiped out, the medical aid office is likewise given inside the zoo.

Parking Facility

A different parking facility has been made for 2-and 4-wheelers. You can securely vehicle your park in the assigned parking space and investigate the zoo without agonizing over anything.

It’s a Region sans Plastic

Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of the Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad, is that it’s altogether liberated from plastic. No guest is even permitted to take plastic inside the zoo premises, be it a bundle, polythene or sack. On the off chance that you end up conveying a plastic sack with you, you can either leave it in your vehicle or submit it at the entry. The objective of this step is to save the untamed life at the zoo and abstain from littering.

What should be done at the Zoo Park

One can find various activities at the Zoo Park which offers different engaging things.

Safari Park – One of the principal attractions at Zoo Park is the Safari. One can browse Lion Safari, Tiger Safari, Buffalo Safari, and Bear Safari. Safaris are an ideal method for getting a perspective on the astonishing wild creatures, for example, lions, tigers, sloth bears, deer, and so on. The charge for safari rides is Rs. 30 for kids and Rs. 50 for adults.

Buggy/Battery Worked Vehicles – These climate-friendly Battery worked vehicles offer a problem-free visit through Zoo Park. Guests can partake in an agreeable ride investigating its rich verdure. The buggy ride can go for around 30 min to 1 hr. The ride tickets for children are Rs. 40 and for grown-ups is Rs. 60.

Toy Train – One more critical fascination at the zoo is the toy train which is extremely famous among kids. Charges for toy trains are Rs. 10 for children and Rs. 20 for adults.

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