Wonderla Hyderabad Amusement & Water Park (Entry Fee, Timings, Entry Ticket Cost, Price)

Wonderla Amusement Park! As the name means it is a place that is known for wonders loaded up with crazy fun and marvelous water rides thinking about the most insane area of the city.

It is situated close to the Nehru Outer Ring Road, Ravirala, Hyderabad. It’s a spot to encounter shocking marvels, stunning high-roller coasters, and just laze around the pools. You’ll be entranced with the outright exhilarating rides, challenges, and a lot more wonders!

Wonderla Amusement Park – All About Wonderla Amusement Water Park

Wonderla Amusement Park

Wonderla Amusement and Waterpark is without a doubt a position of limitless fun and vast diversion. Presented with Certificate of Excellence – 2015, Wonderla has been keeping up with global principles of offices alongside a broad cluster of dry and water rides and games, since the day it started off.

About Wonderla Carnival

One of the most outstanding diversion parks in India as well as in Asia as well, Wonderla Amusement and Waterpark is currently open in Hyderabad too. The other two Wonderla parks are situated in Bangalore and Kochi.

Wonderla Hyderabad Amusement and Water Park had been opened to the public now, before the past assessment as indicated by which this carnival was to be practical and open to general society by 2017. It is presently open, promising guests a scope of exciting rides and other engaging exercises. It is determined that an expense of over 2.5 billion has been contributed to the development of this Amusement mecca. It is situated in Kongara Khurd A Town, Ravirala Post, Maheshwaram Mandal.

Rides of Change at Wonderla

In the event that you are a pack of companions or family and need to encounter something new and exciting together, then Wonderla is the best visiting place in Hyderabad to make you go through all marvels. Pass up no rides and ensure that you look at all the water rides, pool rides, and Wonderla water park, and a lot more fun show.

Continuously have a look at the different timings of other fun programs across the Wonderla amusement park. After the finishing of the visit, likewise, visit One day Hyderabad City Visit Just Rs 449/ -.

The Unmissable: We’re certain you’ll cherish our rides, yet there are all that HAVE to be an affiliation. Ensure that experience invigorates at its top with these rides

Recoil Challenge: You’ll encounter the levels of rushes and experience in this ride challenge by capable gravity of 80 Kmph. Take safety precautions and secure lengths from the experienced guides and simply get set and go!

Equinox: This ride is intended for individuals who love imaginative and insane rides, you’ll go this way and that fast to have an insane and exciting experience of the ride in Wonderla Hyderabad.

  • You can likewise discover some energizing yet exciting rides in Wonderla Hyderabad like Twin Flip-Trex, Space Jam, Boomerang, and Maverick.
  • Furthermore experience the thrill on rides like Twin Flip-T Rex, Space Jam, Boomerang and Dissident.
  • Night-time is back again at Wonderla, Hyderabad

High roller coasters at Wonderla Hyderabad

For the people who look for experience and are insane for the adrenaline rush, high roller coasters are the most appropriate method for going through their day at Wonderla Hyderabad.

Recoil: This ride takes exciting bends in the road surprisingly, even a flip at a speed of 77km/hour in switch, leaving you excited all through.

Techno Jump: This is a ride that even daredevils will recall for quite a while. In this ride, there are 14 spokes, each with a case to situate three which are moved upwards and downwards powerfully alongside spins. It isn’t suggested for those with hypertension or heart-related issues.

Maverick: Satisfying its name, this ride offers a thrill with its whimsical turns in each conceivable direction while it is pivoted to an upward section. It has a seating limit of 21. It isn’t prudent for patients with heart issues or hypertension.

Equinox-Here riders are situated on suspended seats with lock sensors and they are given exciting powers from each conceivable side and moved toward each path, including turns, sudden rotations, potential gains and swings, and downsides.

Twin Flip T Rex-This ride has two robotic arms with three capsules that twist and swing alongside moving upwards and downwards. The experience isn’t anything under a being in the midst of a hurricane.

Space Jam-This 18-seater ride moves you in clockwise and anticlockwise directions with unexpected speed increases and drops.

Water Rides at Wonderla

Nothing is smarter to beat this mid-year heat than having an outright exhilarating reviving experience while attempting a couple of water rides. These are the best rides for every one of the people who love to play in the water but wish to have something gutsy.

Rain Disco, Boomerang, Fun Racer, Uphill Racer, Wavy and Vertical Fall, Harakiri, Mammoth, Wave Pools, Lazy River, Drop and Tornado are a few of them.

Family Rides at Wonderla

Wonderla Hyderabad has many intriguing rides that families can attempt together. These family rides let you have a good time with your friends and family.

Experiences of Chikku, Termite Coaster and Train, Pirate Ship, Sky Wheel, Wonder Splash, Cray Cars and Grand Prix are a few of them.

Kids’ Rides at Wonderla

At Wonderla Hyderabad Carnival, there is a wide assortment of rides that have been particularly intended for youngsters, remembering their inclinations and well-being.

Mini Pirate Ship, Kiddies Wheel, Merry go round, Flying Jumbo, Convoy, Moon Base, Mini Top Spin, Circus Train, Twist, and Shout are a few of them.

Wonderla Hyderabad Entry Fee of Amusement Park

Wonderla Hyderabad Amusement section expense fluctuates from weekday to weekends and on the top season. During Ramzan, Dasara, and Christmas which is the pinnacle season, the ticket charges of Wonderla Hyderabad fluctuate from the standard charges. Guests can browse customary tickets and Fastrack tickets.

The passage expenses of Wonderla on work days (Mon-Fri) are Rs. 815 + taxes for every adult and Rs. 635 + charges for each individual for kids. Fastrack ticket charges on work days are Rs. 1,225 + charges for every grown-up and Rs. 955 + charges for each youngster.

On weekends and public occasions, the passage fee of Wonderla Hyderabad is Rs. 1,015 + charges for every adult and Rs. 790 + charges for each youngster. The fastrack tickets of Wonderla Hyderabad on weekends and occasions cost Rs. 1,525 + taxes for each individual while for youngsters it is Rs.1, 185 + taxes for every individual.

During the top season which is for the most part in the long stretch of December and January, the standard ticket cost is Rs. 1, 049 for every adult and Rs. 839 for every child while the cost of fastrack tickets for adults is Rs. 1,574 for every individual and for youngsters it is Rs.1,259 per individual.

Wonderla Hyderabad Amusement Park Opening and Shutting Timings

Wonderla Hyderabad is open from 11 AM to 6 PM on standard days (Monday to Friday). On top days including weekends (Saturday-Sunday) and public occasions, the initial timings are from 11 AM to 7 PM.

Dining and Fooding Facilities At Wonderla Hyderabad

Wonderla Hyderabad presents more than rides and excitement; it is an ideal spot for food lovers as well. With a wide cluster of eateries, taking special care of each and every guest and their shifting inclination, it presents more than adequate decisions to treat your sense of taste. From snack counters to a comprehensive food court, and cafés to high-end eateries, you can have a loose and satisfying feasting experience after a thrilling time at rides here.

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