Essel World Mumbai Timings (Entry Fee, Ticket Price, Images & Information)

Essel World is an amusement park in Mumbai, which is adored by local people and sightseers the same. It partakes in the place of the most renowned amusement park in India. It is on the edges of Mumbai, on Gorai Island.

Set among green fixes, this amusement park has been planned according to worldwide guidelines. It is spread over an area of around 64 sections of land, of which 22 acres of the land region is for a different scene – Water Kingdom. Individuals visit both spots when they are searching for a free day from their commonplace timetable.

Essel World(Mumbai) – All You Need to Know About It Before Visit

Essel World Mumbai

Essel World amusement park Mumbai has got in excess of 50 roads for your diversion. You’ll find experience rides and exercises, which you can partake in along with your family. Nonetheless, there are some, which are reasonable just for grown-ups. Essel World has a few rides only for youngsters as well. Shot-n-Drop, Hoola Circle, and Tunnel Twister are a couple on the Essel World ride list.

Aside from the rides, the spot has a bowling alley, an ice-skating arena, and furthermore a discotheque. There are numerous food courts spread around and you can shop in Essel World as well. Individuals additionally come to praise the new year at Essel World Mumbai. It is a finished bundle for a good time frame.

Essel World and the Water Kingdom in Mumbai never neglect to stun you. The memory of the visit will be carved in you for a really long time.

What should be done at Essel World

  1. Playing around with family – Essel World has 13 rides reasonable for a great family get-together. You can track down your strategy for getting around Alibaba Adventure Maze, hang together in the Copper Chopper, or partake in the wet Water Drive rollercoaster. Zipper Dipper is one more rollercoaster ride made for families. Essel World has the Naval ship Prabal as well, which is currently a daily existence science gallery.
  2. Getting into adventure with grown-ups – This amusement park has 10 adult-only experience rides including Shot-n-Drop, Top Twist, and the exhilarating Zyclone rollercoaster. Also, assuming you’re searching for some startling weightlessness, look at the Rainbow or Thunder ride. These two rides will likewise permit you to get a higher perspective of the area, if by some stroke of good luck briefly.
  3. Staying aware of the children – Children are the most joyful in Essel World Mumbai amusement park. They have 12 rides to appreciate. They can have great time-filled activities at the Play port or test their driving abilities at the Junior Go Kart field. The Rio Grande train ride is another motivation behind why children live it up here.
  4. Partaking in the water rides – The connecting Water Kingdom also has got arrangements for having a good time, however in the water. It incorporates the Lagoon water pool, What-a-Liner slide, and Wetlantic – the biggest wave pool on the planet.
  5. Check out the food – A few diners and cafés are inside the premises of Essel World. You can decide to take a North Indian lunch at Blissful Singh Da Dhaba or partake in an afternoon Italian bite time at La Mensa. Ohh Mumbai, Southern Treat, and the Chinese café Tai Dish are among the other food joints there.
  6. Browsing through the products – Essel World has its own product store as well. The shop has toys and Essel World-branded accessories. You can likewise gather toy models of Fab5 – the mascots of this amusement park, and different gifts.
  7. Skating on the ice – The recreation area likewise has a huge and freezing ice-skating arena – Icy Circle. A space where you can be protected from the sweltering climate of Mumbai will be an encounter without a doubt regardless of whether you’re a seasoned ice-skater.
  8. Bowling in the arcade – Essel World likewise houses a 6-path bowling alley in its complex. You can either get some bowling training there or hotshot a portion of your moving abilities.
  9. Dance away to glory – The Essel World dance floor is accessible for you on the off chance that you’re searching for some perky Bollywood dance numbers or Western fusion. You’re certain to be blown away by the music and dance insight.
  10. Loosening up your day off – If you would rather not participate in the Essel World experience, you can invest your energy strolling around the recreation area, sitting underneath a shade, or perusing close to a pool. A Karaoke stall is accessible there. Also, in the event that you feel tired, you can have cold drinks, juices, icecreams, and different snacks to recharge your lost energy.

Essel World Mumbai Timings and Entry Fees

Essel World may very well be where you might want to put in a couple of hours from your Mumbai tour plan. During end of the week and other extraordinary events like New Year, individuals swarm in with their loved ones.

It is open 365 days per year.

However, before you plan an entire outing with your gathering, view Essel World Mumbai’s timetable and the rates. The amusement park is open from 10 AM to 6:30 PM consistently. Furthermore, the charges change according to as far as possible set by the administration. Anybody above 4’6″ is an adult and individuals who are somewhere in the range of 3’3″ and 4’6″ will be considered for the children’s rates.

Best time to visit Essel World

Winter is the ideal season to visit Essel World in Mumbai if you have any desire to partake in every one of the rides. As the temperature doesn’t decrease a lot around here, you can serenely bounce on the wet rides as well.

Christmas, as well as New Year, falls during those cooler days, from October to Spring. Furthermore, on occasion, more individuals visit Essel World to appreciate. The festivals are on and you get the energy of being important for an immense fair.

How to arrive at Essel World Mumbai?

Essel World is on Gorai Island. Furthermore, you can arrive at the spot by ship, by street and furthermore rail line. Mumbai is known for its organization of nearby trains spread all around the city, and the closest neighborhood station to Essel World is Borivali. From that point, you can take a transport, taxi, or auto to arrive at Gorai stream, and afterward, take the ship to Essel World. Ferries from Marve to Essel World are likewise accessible.

If you would rather not board a ferry, you can take the long course through the Western Express Highway and arrive at Essel World by means of Mira-Bhayander road. Essel world from Mumbai air terminal distance by street is around 40 km. However, on the off chance that you pick one of the ship boats, the total distance might be a little more than 20 km.

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