Sacred Heart Cathedral Delhi (Timings, History, Built by, Location, Images & Facts)

Among the most established structures in Delhi and one with excellent engineering and configuration is the Sacred Heart Cathedral Church, Delhi.

Sacred Heart Cathedral(Delhi) – All You Need to Know About It Before Visit

Sacred Heart Cathedral

Sacred Heart is best in the list of the most well-known and followed houses of worship in Delhi with the Roman Catholic association. The church was implicit the year 1930 and is laid out in a space of 14 acres. Two different structures, St. Columba’s School and the Religious community of Jesus and Mary School are additionally situated on similar premises.

History of Sacred Heart Church, Delhi

The church was established by Father Luke who was an individual from the Franciscan first request which was established by St. Francis of Assisi. The lead was taken by St. Francis and Agra’s Archbishop overseer in the year 1929 to fabricate this church.

Famous revolutionary Dr. E. Vanni established the groundwork stone of this church in the year 1929. The church is an ideal illustration of cultural commitment. The raised area of the church was gifted by Sir Anthony de Mello made of unadulterated marble and is a work of art. The British colonial officials supported the entire venture while Agra’s Archbishop gifted the special stepped area furniture, frocks, and an enormous ringer.

The architecture of the Sacred Heart Church, Delhi

Henry Medd, a popular English architect planned the Sacred Heart Church prevalently on Italian Engineering. The inside of the church is beautified with a bent rooftop at a noteworthy level, the facade includes a shelter upheld by white points of support and the entry is decorated by round turrets which transcend the top of the church. The floor of the church is made of clean stone.

A gigantic fresco is situated behind the marble-raised area which portrays the last dinner. Towards the left is an enormous sculpture of the Virgin Mary and close by is an immense cross, next to the Church.

Services and Occasions at Sacred Heart Church, Delhi

The Sacred Heart Church is renowned for its Christmas and Easter festival and normal services which are directed here. Consistently during morning and night, the Sacred Mass is commended. Individuals from better places come here to see the most well-known Christmas Vigil Administration and Dining experience of Sacred Group of Nazareth simply an hour prior to Christmas Eve at 12 PM.

The church additionally celebrates different social and social projects consistently.

Sacred Heart Cathedral Church worked in the twentieth century is a place of venerates (Christianity) situated in the core of New Delhi, India. The outside perspective on the structure with fine Italian church building design, painted in white variety overwhelmed by rich earthenware, is brilliantly appealing and lovely. The Church has a Roman Catholic alliance.

Sacred Heart Cathedral is a significant Church of Christian colleagues, and the requests happen day to day on a customary premise. The Church transforms into a busy time during morning and night petitions to God time, and are gone to by fans. The Sundays are brimming with individuals and it is a rush day. The Sacred Heart Cathedral is the most happening place during Christmas and Easter Day festivities.

The Holy Father John Paul II during his visit to India, visited Sacred Heart Cathedral Church of Delhi, India, in 1986. His visit to the church gave high fame to this church. Aside from devotees, the church is a significant tourist fascination in Delhi. It is visited by an extensive number of sightseers from India and abroad.

Sacred Heart Church is arranged close to Gurdwara Bangla Saheb and it is effectively available. A sculpture of Father Pope John Paul II, remains with outstretched arms welcoming the enthusiasts and individuals, should be visible from a distance on the church building. A huge verifiable ringer given by Archbishop Evangelisti Vanni is still there on the highest point of the fundamental structure.

As you enter the inside piece of the Sacrosanct Heart Cathedral Church, you will see a very much outfitted gigantic supplication lobby with guest plans for enthusiasts.

The inside of the structure has an enormous sculpture of the Virgin Mary, flawlessly cut into the stone, close by a colossal cross, next to the Church, standing out for you. Behind the priest-celebrant and toward the front of imploring individuals the painting of the Last Supper of the Lord should be visible.

The church has been inherent the focal point of a land area of 14 acres of land. The premises of the Holy Heart Cathedral contain two separate structures of advancing too. One of them is St. Columba’s School and the other one is the Convent of Jesus Mary School, giving present-day instruction to the understudies.

The spaces and region of the Church have lovely gardens and contain green trees duplicating the magnificence to the space.


The plot to construct Sacred Heart Cathedral was purchased in 1922 AD, by Father Luke Vannucci Ernesto da Parato prevalently known as Fr. Luke. The building plan was drawn by Henry Medd (an English engineer) and his partners.

The establishment stone of the church was laid by Diocese supervisor Evangelista Latino Enrico Vanni of Agra in 1929. Notwithstanding, the development work was proficiently begun in 1930. It required five years to finish the structure of Sacred Heart Church. The asset to fabricate the church was produced from deliberate and cultural commitments.

After the culmination of the chapel building, the debut function of the Church occurred on the eighth of December, 1935. It was introduced by Ecclesiastical Messenger and Leo Kierkels within the sight of different priests and Christian individuals. The interest and presence of ministers and individuals, people having a place from different religions as well, into the gathering of the debut event of Chapel. It was a great illustration of regard and fraternity.

Entry fee and timings to visit the Sacred Heart Church, Delhi

There is no entry fee to visit the church and help during the masses or pray to god and show appreciation. The church stays open on the entire day of the week from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm.

The mass timings are:

November to March

  • 6:30 am, 1:00 pm, and 6:00 pm-Weekdays
  • 6:00 pm-Saturdays
  • 6:30 am, 7:30 am, 9:00 am and 10:15 am, 11:30 am, 4:00 pm, 6:00 pm – Sundays

April to October

  • 6:00 am, 1:00 pm, 6:30 pm – Weekdays
  • 6:00 am, 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm-Sundays

Instructions to arrive at the Sacrosanct Heart Church, Delhi

By Metroline-The Sacred Heart church is situated in the Ashok Spot, Close to Gole Dak Khana, New Delhi. Patel Nagar metro station is the closest one to Holy Heart Church. You really want to board the Yellow line from your area and get down at Patel Nagar metro station only 750 m away.

By Road: Assuming you are going by street, Delhi is very much associated with most urban communities in India, being the National Capital. All transports come to ISBT Kashmiri Gate from where you can take the DTDC line 729 to arrive at the Sacrosanct Heart Church which is simply 7.2 km away. Private taxicabs are additionally accessible at the ISBT.

Via Train- If you are going via train from any piece of the nation, get down at the New Delhi Rail route Station. You can employ a taxi from the rail route station to the Sacred Heart Cathedral Church which is simply 4.2 km away or travel by metro from NDLS to Sacred Heart Church, ride the yellow line and get down at the Patel Chowk metro station.

Via Air-Assuming you are going via air, Indira Gandhi Global Air terminal is the closest one 12.3 km away. You can employ a confidential taxi from the airport to arrive at the Sacred Heart Church. Taxi services are likewise given by top vehicle rental organizations in Delhi, for a comfortable recompense during your visit to Delhi.

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