Raj Bhavan Mumbai Timings (History, Entry Fee, Images, Built By & Information)

The Raj Bhavan is the authority home of the Governor of Maharashtra. It is spread over an area of around 50 acres of land in Malabar Hill. Ocean encompasses the estate on three sides, which has rich green yards, moderated forest regions, and legacy bungalows.

Under the directions of the Governor, Raj Bhavan is open for guests and sightseers. Individuals can visit the meal lobby, see the structures in the complex, and furthermore watch the sun ascending over the ocean.

Raj Bhavan(Mumbai) – All You Need to Know About It Before Visit

Raj Bhavan Mumbai

In the Raj Bhavan Mumbai visit, you’ll be aware of the historical backdrop of Mumbai, the Maharashtra-Gujarat parcel, and the pre-freedom India as well.

What’s more, in the event that luck has favored you, you can partake in some tea with the Governor too.

History of Raj Bhavan Mumbai

Prior to being the Governor’s official home, Raj Bhavan used to be their Summer Residence. The Governor’s home was in the Bombay Castle in those days. It moved to Apollo Road later and afterward, to Parel.

In 1885, the home was set up here, in Malabar Hill. What’s more, from that point forward, it has filled in as the home for English Governors and later, governors of Maharashtra.

What should be done at Raj Bhavan Mumbai

  1. Touring around the complex – Raj Bhavan exists across 50 acres of land. The whole region however isn’t open for the visit. Guests can follow the assigned ways and an administration official will go with them, making sense of the set of experiences and meaning of the spot. During the visit, you can visit the home, see the workplace, and furthermore wonder about the architecture of the feast corridor.
  2. Seeing the sunrise – Getting to see the sun ascend from the east, with the Mumbai horizon in the setting, is a scene you won’t prefer to miss. Raj Bhavan has an open region from where you can unwind and get a terrific perspective on the ocean and the sun. Intrigued individuals can do their morning yoga as well.
  3. Looking at the Bunker Museum – The Bunker Museum at Raj Bhavan Mumbai is a great underground British-era bunker. Authorities found this 15,000 sq. ft. region a couple of years prior. It was then redesigned and created as the historical center it is today.
  4. Investigating the flora and fauna – Raj Bhavan is in a forested region and has an assortment of vegetation monitored inside its outskirts. Peacocks show up routinely, however you could run over other uncommon cases during your visit. Various trees likewise flourish in the biological system.
  5. Looking for karma from the Goddess – The Devi Mandir is another must-visit spot in the Raj Bhavan in Mumbai. Individuals call the Goddess as Sagar Mata, Sakalai Devi, and by numerous different names according to their convictions. The temple likewise has a fair during July/August.

Raj Bhavan Mumbai and its Architecture

Among the beautiful greens lies the Raj Bhavan of Mumbai. The complex has five primary buildings – Jal Bhushan, Jal Laxan, Jal Chintan, Jal Vihar, and Jal Sabhagriha. Redesigns have been carried on throughout the long term, and the structures have a mixture of the current Indian style of design and the British colonial style.

Jal Bhushan is a private structure and it likewise houses the sitting area for guests, the meeting room, and the lounge area, among different segments. The extravagant Jal Laxan building has a Maratha style of engineering and carvings. This is where the Governor gets the heads of government.

Jal Chintan is based on a precipice and gives a perspective on the narrows and the skyline. The Jal Vihar building houses a dinner lobby and a dance hall. What’s more, the Jal Sabhagriha fills in as the setting for vow functions and other authority occasions.

The best chance to visit Raj Bhavan Mumbai

You can visit Raj Bhavan over time, aside from the storms and during heavy rains. In this way, whenever October and June will be wonderful time for a Raj Bhavan visit. Sightseers’ entry is allowed exclusively during the authority visit which begins at 6.15 AM. In this way, ensure you are at the entryway by 6 AM.

Raj Bhavan Mumbai entry fee and Timings

During your visit to the Raj Bhavan, you’ll realize about the English time Bombay Administration and the arrangement of Maharashtra later. Just 10-20 guests are permitted in a day with the booking done progress of time. The visit begins at 6.15 AM and finishes at 8 AM. A staff of the Governor, generally the Advertising Official, goes about as the aide during the visit.

The place is open on all days aside from Mondays and government holidays. Furthermore, the enlistment charge is just ₹25 per individual.

Ideal Time to investigate Raj Bhavan Mumbai

Raj Bhavan Mumbai’s visiting hours start at 6 AM, and it will take you close to two hours to investigate the spot. An electric vehicle is accessible for the visit and you can visit the spots by walking as well. Your visit will close with tea/coffee presented by the hosts.

How to arrive at Raj Bhavan Mumbai?

You can arrive at Raj Bhavan in Malabar Hill Mumbai utilizing automobiles, taxis, or public buses. Neighborhood train administrations are additionally accessible. Award Street and Charni Street stations are the closest railroad stations to Raj Bhavan Mumbai.

Now that you have a deep understanding of Raj Bhavan, the following are the different choices you need to arrive in Mumbai –

By Street – Mumbai is associated well with the close by towns and different urban communities all throughout the country. Standard transports are accessible from the spots in the area. You can likewise employ a taxi from top vehicle rental organizations in Mumbai and visit Raj Bhavan and other places of interest.

By Rail – Trains from everywhere in India show up in Mumbai. Chhatrapati Shivaji End and Mumbai Central are the primary rail route stations.

Via Air – Chhatrapati Shivaji Global Airport has departures from significant destinations all over the planet and all over India.

Things to remember while visiting Raj Bhavan Mumbai

  • Passage to Raj Bhavan is at the discretion of the Governor
  • Convey substantial government ID proof when you visit
  • You can carry mobiles however not cameras and DSLRs

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