Prithvi Theatre Mumbai (Timings, History, Entry Fee, Images, Built By & Information)

Mumbai has been the blend of various works of art, and theater is one among them, in this manner making Prithvi Theater a notorious objective that should be visited by everybody visiting Mumbai.

The brainchild of yesteryear’s whiz Prithviraj Kapoor, the Prithvi Theater is run as an auxiliary of the Shri Prithviraj Kapoor Commemoration Trust and Exploration Establishment which has a place with the renowned Kapoor group of Bollywood.

Prithvi Theatre(Mumbai) – All You Need to Know About It Before Visit

Prithvi Theatre Mumbai

The Prithvi Theater is the best spot for encountering a variety of performing arts, stretching out designs from discourses to serious plays to draw parodies to stand-ups which energize crowds with assorted preferences to go to the shows.

The super durable structure of the theater was underlying 1978 by Prithviraj’s most youthful child, Shashi Kapoor, who himself was a notable entertainer of Indian Cinema as well as a maker and his significant other, Jennifer (Kendal) Kapoor, an English entertainer.

They fabricated the theater under the hidden way of thinking of advancing and rousing amazing skill in the theater. There is an open-door policy followed by the theater trust which permits everybody who adores the artistic expression to step in and experience it and consequently, there is no fundamental door in the theater compound. The performing craftsmen come in gatherings and are free to remain here for the whole term of their planned exhibitions.

While Shashi Kapoor was the Managing Trustee, Jennifer was the Legal administrator who oversaw the operations of the theater until her demise in 1984. After Jennifer’s passing, their child, Kunal Kapoor took up her job as the Legal administrator and has been overseeing ordinary illicit relationships with the assistance of his very own little group to date.

History of Prithvi Theater Mumbai

However, the extremely durable structure of Prithvi Theater was worked by Shashi Kapoor in 1978, the beginning of Prithvi Theaters returns to 1944 when his dad and Bollywood’s then hotshot Shri Prithviraj Kapoor laid out Prithvi Theaters and began performing plays in Hindustani (Hindi and Urdu). Prithviraj was said to have been at the pinnacle of his acting profession in Hindi Films when he began acting in plays. The theater was his fantasy to lay out an effective space for Indian theater.

The theater organization had been a voyaging theater since its commencement. Prithviraj Kapoor had a group of 150 individuals and made a trip to 112 urban communities and towns all over India in the following couple of years and organized in excess of 2600 plays. The very first play to be organized at Prithvi Theaters was ‘Shakuntala’, the exemplary story composed by Kalidasa.

The gathering acted in different urban communities, and the scenes would incorporate less expensive choices like theaters and film lobbies. Prithviraj played the lead job in all plays. The scenes in which they performed would be without electric fans thus, hand fans would be appropriated among the crowd. At that point, Prithviraj used to travel second class alongside his team individuals despite the fact that he was a designated Individual from the Parliament (1952-1960) and was qualified for either air travel or a five-star journey.

All plays that the organization arranged depended on spreading messages on friendly and public issues. Since the 1940s when patriot opinions stumbled into the country because of the independence from the Raj time enthusiasm, the theater was viewed as the ideal method for passing on the right message to the masses.

The resurrection of Prithvi Theater Mumbai

After the passing of Prithviraj Kapoor, the traveling theater group was destroyed and stopped organizing shows. It was his youngest child, Shashi Kapoor, and Shashi’s significant other, Jennifer Kendal Kapoor, who proceeded with the arrangement to develop a venue building. This was intended to be based on land that Prithviraj had rented some time before his passing with the desire for possessing a long-lasting theater. The family in the end purchased the land after his demise and set up the ‘Shri Prithviraj Kapoor Remembrance Trust and Research Foundation in his memory. The rule expectation of Shashi and Jennifer was to advance Hindi theater and performing arts.

The current auditorium building was planned by designer Ved Segan, who made a trip to Europe to concentrate on the compositional styles of theaters all over. The development of Prithvi Theater in Juhu was finished in 1978 and initiated on the fifth of November 1978.

The main play to be organized after the launch of the theater was a play named ‘Udhwastha Dharamshala’ composed by G. P. Deshpande. The performing craftsmen of the main play after the resurrection of Prithvi were Naseeruddin Shah, Benjamin Gilani and Om Puri.

Prithvi cafe at Prithvi Theater Mumbai

Just external Prithvi theater, inside its compound, there is a little outside cafeteria that is visited by specialists, entertainers, students, and all workmanship devotees. The food here is normal in any case, individuals visit the cafe which makes the spot exceptional.

Their Sulemani Chai is supposed to be among the top picks of Gulzar. The energetically suggested food here is their Keema pav and one ought to unquestionably check it out. Aside from these, the blended parathas with kali daal raita, bean stew cheddar toast and their hummus bowl should attempt food things from their menu.

Entry Fees and Timings of Prithvi Theater Mumbai


Prithvi Theater is open from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM on all days of the week except Mondays. The theater stays shut on Mondays.

Entry Fee:

There isn’t any entry fee with the exception of the ticket costs for the plays. The expense of a play changes between INR 125-400. One might book tickets online too on the authority site of Prithvi Theatre.

Spots to visit close to Prithvi Theater Mumbai

Juhu Beach, Aksa Beach, Madh Island, Film City Mumbai, Chhota Kashmir, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, and Kanheri Caves are found close by.

Step-by-step instructions to Arrive at Prithvi Theater Mumbai

Because of its area in the suburb of Juhu, the theater is basically simple to access from any area of the city through the street, particularly in the event that one is going from the western rural areas. One might employ a taxi from top vehicle rental organizations in Mumbai to arrive here.

Closest railway station to Prithvi theater – If traveling via train, Vile Parle station on the western line is the closest rail line station. One necessity to emerge from the west exit gate and recruit an auto cart or a taxi to arrive at the theater.

Closest Transport Stand or Bus stop – The closest bus stop is Juhu, a 7 minutes walk from the theater.

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