Dhanushkodi Beach In Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu)

Is it true or not that you are fed up with the unremarkable everyday routine that you are going through? Is it true or not that you are worn out on every one of the deadlines and meetings and simply need to have an occasion?

Dhanushkodi Beach

Indeed, assuming you are in any of these circumstances, you unquestionably need an occasion, and Dhanushkodi, the “lost land” of Tamil Nadu, is the ideal spot for that. This tranquil island-like fix of land which interfaces India and Sri Lanka gives the most beautiful view that makes certain to blow somebody’s mind. This practically desolate stretch of land can take you to a condition of quiet that will assist you with disposing of all the pressure and hustle and clamor of the city life.

When and How to Reach?

The best chance to visit this oceanside town is in a perfect world the long periods of October, November and February yet whenever between the months from October to March ought to be fine. The weather conditions stay steady and the intensity isn’t however much the mid-year months, which assists one with circumventing feeling less uncomfortable.

Dhanushkodi used to be an extremely well-known port town, yet after the tornado of 1964 hit its shores and killed in excess of thousand individuals, the public authority of Tamil Nadu proclaimed it as an apparition town that was unsuitable for living. Yet at the same time, it turned into a famous objective for occasions and individuals can without much of a stretch arrive at this spot by taking the train.

Dhanushkodi doesn’t have a rail line station of its own, however, the closest rail route station is Rameshwaram which lies roughly 21 kilometers from the town. From that point, one can take the public authority helped jeeps presented by Dhanushkodi Tourism up to the ocean side. However, I’d propose one can take the neighborhood vehicles to arrive at the ocean side as well as they cost you lesser. The separation from the significant urban areas to Dhanushkodi isn’t incredibly gigantic; thus utilizing your own vehicle to drive up to there is certainly not an impractical notion too.


Dhanushkodi is arranged simply off the bank of Tamil Nadu in South India, on Pamban Island’s prolonged south-eastern sand spit. It’s around 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) from Rameshwaram, on Pamban Island, and around 30 kilometers (18.5 miles) from Talaimannar in Sri Lanka. The rough Indian Ocean is on one side and the quieter Bay of Bengal on the other.

Justifications for Why You Cannot Miss Visiting Dhanushkodi

The Mind-blowing Sea

It is unimaginable for you to never have seen that blue ocean backdrop that accompanies each window program. It’s called purplish-blue and in the event that you have at any point pondered where that spot is, prepare yourselves since I have your response. Here in Dhanushkodi Beach, you will see that. This entire spot is something that one needs to see with their own eyes to grasp its magnificence. The unmistakable water and astounding ocean side is something that one might make one miracle, assuming any such put exists on the substance of earth or not. There are no immense designs or inns, no litter, simply clear blue ocean and the street paves the way to the ocean and offers the best views.

The Pamban Islands

It is also called the Rameshwaram Island, it is in between India and Sri Lanka. This island is additionally a renowned journey community. The rundown of sanctuaries in Rameswaram is ceaseless. The Hanuman sanctuary appears to have stones drifting before it, which again makes legendary stories more grounded.

Ram Setu

Recall how Lord Ram fabricated a scaffold with the assistance of the multitude of monkeys to arrive at Lanka and save his significant other, Sita from the grasp of the malevolent ruler, Ravan? This is believed to be a similar scaffold which is otherwise called the “Ram Setu” as indicated by Hindu folklore, the later ruler of Lanka convinced Lord Ram to sever the extension and Ram did as such, which gave the town its name. There have been satellite pictures created by NASA which show the presence of a scaffold under the waters associated with Sri Lanka and India.

The Pamban Bridge

It is without a doubt a miracle. This extension is correct now the second-longest ocean span and was India’s most memorable ocean span. This extension shows extraordinary structural greatness, it is on the pal strait and associates Rameshwaram with the Indian subcontinent. Sadly the bridge experienced significant harm in the year 1964 after the typhoon hit Dhanushkodi. In any case, the bridge again got remade within a range of only 48 days.

The conjunction of Two Oceans

Toward the finish of the ocean side, you will actually want to see what you have likely never seen. Now the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal combine and it is the most amazing perspective of all time. The unmistakable blue water of the Indian Ocean meets the green and peaceful water of the Bay of Bengal. The union is so regular, yet it is so natural to separate between the two oceans. Maybe nature is attempting to blend tones and layout a wonderful picture.

Astounding Beach

Beach lovers, this is one beach you totally need to have on your rundown and it is absolutely impossible that you can bear to not see this. The beach isn’t in any way shape or form filthy, it is perfect and unadulterated. The most happening part is that the tides are not exceptionally high and the sand is extremely delicate. Being a football lover, I could imagine playing a series of football or volleyball along the narrows with my companions.

Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park

Assuming you are watching out for biodiversity, well here’s your opportunity. Being a nature lover myself, I was unable to oppose yet visit this public park, it isn’t precisely in Dhanushkodi, however, arriving at these islands from that point is simple.

Ghost Town

After the tornado in December 1964, a larger number than 1,000 individuals, including individuals moving toward the island by means of a train on the Pamban Bridge passed on and the entire region went into a desolate land. The government authority proclaimed this spot as the apparition town and nobody is permitted to go to the ocean side after 6 pm as individuals have encountered paranormal activities. The facts confirm that as dimness climbs the accounts of Dhanushkodi, will feel cool, the peaceful blue ocean turns hazier and the environmental elements can give you a ghostly inclination.

What to Do There

While the stone leftovers of Dhanushkodi are the principal fascination, the best thing to do is basically absorb the spirit blending and some of the time tormenting environment. As you meander around what’s left of the town, you’ll run over structures in different circumstances. The best-safeguarded ones are the congregation, post office, and rail route station. Railroad tracks are likewise covered under the sand.

After you’ve gotten done with investigating Dhanushkodi, proceed as far as possible along the way to Arichal Munai (Erosion Point). It’s a mystical scene, with the straight piece of landing area encased by the ocean on the two sides. A singular mainstay of Ashoka, the public symbol of India, remains at the endpoint where you can glance out across Adam’s Bridge. Try not to be astounded assuming your wireless naturally associates with Sri Lanka’s organization on the off chance that your settings permit wandering!

Plan to put in several hours there at any rate. It’s truly worth starting off ahead of schedule to beat the groups and catch the charming dawn.

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