Worli Sea Face Mumbai (Timings, Entry Fee, Images, Facts & Information)

The huge Arabian Sea that borders the western piece of Mumbai should be visible from numerous spots, yet few are just about as lovely as the Worli Sea Face. Covering an overall distance of roughly 3.5 kilometers, this promenade in Worli permits guests to walk or simply sit at one spot and partake in the perspectives.

Worli Sea Face(Mumbai) – All You Need to Know About It Before Visit

Worli Sea Face Mumbai

While high rises and business corridors line the road across the Sea Face, the promenade is very much a contradiction in how it stops time and urges one to wonder about the breadth of the ocean. Home to a couple of nurseries and, surprisingly, a weekly farmer’s market, Worli Sea Face is something other than a cleared sidewalk.

Worli Sea Face Timings and Entry Fee

Being a public walkway, Worli Sea Face stays open every one of the times of the week consistently. Just on specific extraordinary events and occasions, for example, the Mumbai Long distance race, the space is utilized solely for the volunteers and marathoners. There is no such entry fee, however, you might need to pay in the event that you choose to leave your vehicle at an area that is demarcated as pay-and-park. Stopping is somewhat elusive along this stretch.

Design of Worli Sea Face

The Sea Face is around 3.5 meters long, and the Worli Sea Face Garden starts on its north end. As you stroll towards the south, you run over several recreational areas, Bhagwan Gautam Buddha Udyan and BMC Garden. The Worli Weekly Farmers Market denotes the finish of the Sea Face. The notorious Bandra Worli Sea Link, which begins towards the northern finish of Worli Sea Face, associates the Sea Face with the Bandra suburb.

What should be done at the Worli Sea Face

Regardless of being only a promenade, the Worli Sea Face offers an ocean of chances to the people who wish to capitalize on their time here. Introducing a couple of thoughts to make your visit fun:

  1. Join a cycling bunch or bring your own to pedal along the 3.5-odd kilometers of the Sea Face as you take in the pungent air and feel the new breeze cooling your spirit.
  2. Arrive at the Worli Sea Face promptly toward the beginning of the day for a pleasant round of light run. End your wellness routine with a glass of new squeeze which portable slows down sell, remembering the healthy people in mind.
  3. Be accompanied by your date or companions with whom you can sit on the cleared edge of the Sea Face and stay put till the sun sets. Discussions against the sunset make the minutes significantly more noteworthy.
  4. In case you love photography or videography, bring your DSLR, lenses, and tripod to shoot some astonishing timelapse videos of dusk, moving traffic, individuals running, or simply the Bandra Worli Sea Link being illuminated. You can likewise play spruce up and take pictures for your digital albums. The cityscape makes for a great foundation for photographs.
  5. Go for a walk through the spotless parks nearby the Worli Sea Face. BMC Nursery, Worli Sea Face Nursery, and Bhagwan Gautam Buddha Udyan are the ones quickly around the Sea Face, each having a lot of green cover and strolling trails.

Spots to Visit close to Worli Sea Face

The Worli Sea Face is an incredible spot to put in two or three hours, either strolling about or looking at the splendid views. In any case, you will before long need to investigate different places close by, particularly on the off chance that you have all day. Here are a few intriguing choices around the Sea Face:

  1. Bhagwan Gautam Buddha Udyan: Open every day, from 6 AM to 12 PM and again from 3 PM to 9 PM, Bhagwan Gautam Buddha Udyan is a public garden that is located right opposite Worli Sea Face. Brimming with pruned greens and blooming plants, the nursery has walking tracks, seats, and, surprisingly, an open gym with different exercise equipment. There is a public toilet, helpful for those mainly visiting the Sea Face.
  2. BMC Garden: Found near the Worli Police Camp across Worli Sea Face, the BMC Garden is essentially a kids’ play park. Kept up by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, this nursery is a fairly beautiful one, with heaps of plain slides, spiral slides, shades, swings, and other children’s equipment for entertainment. Aside from the trees and green patches, there are cleared tracks for adults who wish to stroll while their kids play. The BMC Garden is noted for its tidiness.
  3. Worli Fort: This seventeenth-century fort is around 2 kilometers from the Worli Sea Face. Worked by the English, Worli Post remains on Worli Hill. Arriving is exceptionally difficult as one needs to stroll through the Koli fishing town, through tight paths which fill the olfactory senses with the smell of new catch. The fort gives a decent vantage point from where you can see the Bandra Worli Sea Link, the Mahim Bay, and the Arabian Sea.
  4. Bandra Worli Sea Link: The city’s most aggressive common works project which definitely decreases the opportunity to get from Worli to Bandra is the renowned Bandra Worli Sea Link, also called the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link. Spreading over a sum of 5.6 kilometers, the sea link bears the cost of valuable views of Mumbai and the cityscape across the Middle Eastern Ocean, contingent upon which side you are driving from. On one or the other side of this scaffold, the areas are to a great extent upscale.
  5. Prabhadevi Beach: Two or three kilometers from the Sea Face, Prabhadevi Beach is a pleasant spot to get an all-encompassing view of the ocean and the Bandra Worli Sea Link. The Beach isn’t suggested for swimming or water sports, however, the scenery makes it ideal for photoshoots, whether it is for your wedding or maternity or only for online entertainment. Since this is a public Beach, it is open every day.
  6. Nehru Planetarium: Around 2.5 km away from the Sea Face is a planetarium which makes science a good time for the two youngsters and their folks and instructors. Nehru Planetarium is open from Monday to Saturday from 10:30 AM to 5 PM. They charge INR 25 for kids between the ages of 4 and 12 years, and INR 50 for everybody over that edge. You can anticipate 3-D documentaries, for the most part about space and imaginary shows which are screened on their goliath arch theater.

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