St. Thomas Cathedral Mumbai Timings (History, Entry Fee, Images, Built By & Information)

Tracing all the way back to the year 1718, the St. Thomas Cathedral church is one of the most established and recognized milestones in Mumbai City. The church has been standing tall for a very long time seeing the decision British Empire, its fall, a few colonisations of Mumbai, and a serene settlement now.

St. Thomas Cathedral(Mumbai) – All You Need to Know About It Before Visit

St. Thomas Cathedral Mumbai

Worked with work to accommodate a love spot to the British Settlements in Mumbai, the St. Thomas Church is the primary Anglican Church here and is of high strict significance to the city and Mumbaikars.

St. Thomas basilica church is emblematic of Isolation and harmony painted in mitigating white and yellow and decorated with wonderful embellishments. Named after one of the 12 followers of Christ, St. Thomas, this church is a must-go to put for each vacationer who comes to Mumbai.

History of St. Thomas Basilica Church

The establishment stone of St. Thomas cathedral church was laid by Gerald Aungier who was the then Legislative leader of the East India Organization in the year 1676 AD and the development work began right away. However, upon Aungier’s death, the church’s development likewise ground to a halt and was resuscitated after close to 50 years.

In the year 1715, a youthful energetic Clergyman named Richard Cobbe came to the then Bombay and saw the half-developed church. He finished the development of the chapel in no less than a long time from 1715 to 1718 and it was opened to the overall population on the Christmas of 1718. From that point forward, the St. Thomas basilica church has heard a great many confessions and prayers and favored the devotees with its holiness.

The St. Thomas house of God church was blessed as a Basilica in the year 1837, July. Thomas Carr was delegated as the main minister of the church. Later in the year 1838, a clock and a pinnacle were added towards the western finish of the church.

The renowned Churchgate station of the Mumbai local and area Churchgate is named after one of the entryways of St. Thomas cathedral church.

The architecture of St. Thomas Basilica Church

The church was inherent Neo-Traditional and Neo-Gothic architecture having a white façade. There is a high likeness between the St. Thomas basilica church in Mumbai and St. Thomas House of God in Ireland. The insides of the church are embellished with painted glass windows, metal collectibles, mortar of Paris shapes, and remembrances that are devoted to English parishioners. The windows in St. Thomas house of God church are angled adding beauty to its delightful design.

Being worked during the hours of frontier wars, the top of the St. Thomas Cathedral Church was worked with ordinance-resistant material to act as a protected spot.

St. Thomas Church was worked in Neo-Classical and Neo-Gothic styles with a white facade. The insides of this Cathedral reflect the insides of the St. Thomas Cathedral in Ireland and look a lot similar today as they did when it was first implicit the eighteenth hundred years. The interiors are carefully fixed with Mortar Of Paris, cleaned brass, stained glass, angled windows, and commemorations devoted to the late English parishioners. The rooftop was made ‘cannonball proof, however many pieces of the rooftop have crumbled and have been supplanted with solidified chunks.

What should be done

Aside from visiting the church, in the event that you are fascinated in doing a little looking, it would be best for you to go to M.G. Street, Lokhandwala, and Horniman Circle for purchasing neighborhood trinkets. There is an assortment of neighborhood road charge choices in the event that you are eager. Numerous local indulgences and inexpensive food joints are arranged near St. Thomas Church building.

Vacation spots close to St. Thomas Cathedral Church

The popular Asiatic Culture of Mumbai is simply 0.17 km from the church and is a go-to put in Mumbai on the travel industry list.

The church lies near an exceptionally gorgeous fountain simply 0.26 km away and is a sight to watch during the night. It is otherwise called Piccadilly carnival of Mumbai and is an intersection of five roads.

Only 6 km away is Nariman Point on Marine Drive which fills in as the best spot to get entranced at the eminence of the superb Arabian Sea.

Instructions to arrive at St. Thomas Basilica Church

The area of St. Thomas Basilica Church is very central in Mumbai city lying in the Horniman circle.

In the case of going by street, you can arrive here by transport or confidential taxi. St. Thomas Basilica Church can be gotten to by Worli Sea link from the south and M. G. street from the north.

Assuming that you are going via train, M. G. Street station is the closest to St. Thomas Basilica Church simply 1.5 km away.

You can likewise settle on a taxi from top vehicle rental organizations in Mumbai and visit all the well-known touring spots of Mumbai in the solace of a confidential taxi.

By Road

The Cathedral is situated close to Horniman Circle which is midway arranged in Mumbai. Assuming you are coming from the south, you can decide on the Worli Sea Link or take the popular M.G. Street from the north to arrive at your objective. Nearby vehicles, for example, B.E.S.T transports, auto-carts, and cabs can be utilized to arrive at this destination.

By Rail

Nearby trains (Western Interstate) from Borivali station, Malad station, or even Mumbai Focal station will stop at the M.G Street station. From here, St. Thomas Church is a brief walk. You can likewise employ an auto-cart or a taxi to carry you to the Church once you are off the train.

St. Thomas Cathedral gives a window into the rich history of old-world Bombay. The church/Cathedral has been as of late reestablished and has additionally won the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award in 2004. Numerous vacationers go to the Cathedral for a few true serenities and numerous equitable to see its design radiance. One way or another, St. Thomas Church will undoubtedly leave you speechless and take you back in time when Mumbai was still Bombay and considerably more open than it is now.

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