Shimla Glen (Entry Fee, Timings, Images & Location)

The shocking snow-clad mountains, lavish vegetation, and mind-blowing pools of Shimla can make anybody experience passionate feelings for the spot. The timeless magnificence of the spot draws in scores of guests consistently. It is likewise famous by the name of the queen of hill stations. The land spellbound the British such a lot that they chose to make it their summer capital.

The Glen (Shimla) – What to Know Before You Go

Shimla Glen

Among the different wonderful spots that have arisen as number one for vacationers, the name of Shimla Glen can’t be precluded. Shimla Glen has been encircled by dense forests of different sorts of lovely trees.

These assortments generally incorporate oak, pine, and deodar trees. Consistently an enormous number of sightseers from all over the globe visit Shimla Glen to have a tranquil time with their friends and family. They love to experience the crude excellence of Shimla, clean air, and magnificent slopes.

Shimla Glen, encompassed by a thick forest of deodar, oak, and pine trees, invites vacationers from one side of the planet to the other to unwind and partake in nature with a mitigating and lovely climate around. Found simply a short walk away from Summer Hill, Shimla Glen has an extraordinary climbing trail that allows you to investigate its tranquillity away from the city life. It is one of the renowned touring places in Shimla and a must-visit outing spot for families with kids.

Shimla Glen has been arranged exceptionally near Summer Hill. From Summer Hill, you can cover the distance to arrive at Shimla Glen by walk. Shimla Glen offers vacationers an exquisite climbing trail through which they can investigate the quiet existence of the spot. It has arisen as one of the exceptionally well-known sightseeing places. For families and youngsters, it is a must-visit spot to have some relaxation time from the hurrying around of loud city life.

Famously known for its serene setting, Shimla Glen makes a mystical environment for holidaymakers to revive and offers grand perspectives on the close by valleys. Situated at a level of 1830 meters over the ocean level, this spot is simply past the Annandale and highlights a delightful Chadwick Waterfall, which gives one more motivation to local people to visit this vacation destination endlessly always.

It has become very renowned for its quiet setting. You will get an ideal break from your cliché day-to-day daily schedule and partake in the astonishing air of the spot to revive your psyche and body. You will likewise observe the stunning perspectives on the close by valleys and the sight will amaze you.

It is intriguing to take note that Shimla Glen has been situated at a tremendous level of 1830 meters above ocean level. The spot offers guests the dazzling Chadwick Waterfall.

You will be left shocked by the dazzling magnificence of a hold woodland that brags an immense assortment of creatures and birds. You will likewise like the captivating streams when you visit the spot. Shimla Glen offers something for individuals of all age groups who need a break from their wearing dull lives out.

Spots to Visit in and around Shimla Glen

Jakhoo Temple – An ideal sanctuary for the enthusiasts of God Hanuman, the Jakhoo Temple offers a sacred and divine environment to strict individuals. It is an extraordinary spot for nature lovers and has stunning perspectives to ignore from the slope top area. The sanctuary is just 4.9 km away from Shimla Glen.

Summer Hill – All the people who are after an excellent summer retreat can visit Summer Hill in Shimla. It is a spot to enjoy the splendid landscape along with seeing the snow-covered mountains. Summer Hill is just 2 km away from Shimla Glen.

The Mall Road – Your Shimla visit will not be complete without enjoying shopping at The Mall Road in Shimla. Home to Lakkar Bazaar, Tibetan Market, and other neighborhoods slows down, the Mall is an incredible spot to bring a few trinkets and treats back home. It is simply 3.4 km from Shimla Glen.

Christ Church – Christ Church, the appeal of Shimla, highlights a neo-gothic style of design with an extraordinary history for history buffs and archeological devotees. It is a renowned milestone of the slope station and is arranged just 3.1 km away from Shimla Glen.

Best Time to Visit

You might visit the spot all through the year as it doesn’t limit the passage of voyagers over time. Nonetheless, you might stay away from your visit during the monsoon season as there is a steady gamble of soil disintegration or avalanche. Furthermore, water likewise streams at a quick rate. These elements might represent a risk to your health. The greatest months to visit Shimla Glen are from March to May and September to November.


You need to fork over no cash as a passage charge when you visit Shimla Glen. It stays open for travelers from 6 AM to 6 PM consistently.

How to Reach?

Shimla Glen is situated at a simple distance of 4 km from The Ridge in Shimla. You will find an incredible network through the street and the spot is effectively available from different pieces of the city. Assuming that you are going from the train, you might take the NH22 course to arrive at your objective. It is found 8 km away from Shimla Railway Station. You will likewise find many taxi services and nearby cabs to arrive at the spot. There are numerous buses by the HPSTC office to arrive at Shimla Glen.

More Details About The Glen

The Glen is one of the most appealing and the most seasoned outing spots only 4 km away from The Ridge, which is the focus of the town. It is situated at a pretty high altitude of 1830 m from the ocean level. This spot is simply past the Annadale. It is encircled by the thick woodland of the Pine and the deodar trees. The trees give shade to individuals who visit the spot. Chadwick Waterfall is likewise situated in the timberland of The Glen. The picnickers can likewise clean up in the crisp waters of the cascade.

It covers the lovely dales, timberlands of the pine and oak trees, and the charming streams of the water. You can likewise partake in the pleasant perspectives on the rhododendrons, deodar, and the oaks in the woods. You can likewise appreciate climbing in the terraced fields, plunging gorges, rising mountains, and the thick woods. You will appreciate strolling alongside the charming streams.

For individuals, who love adventure sports and tomfoolery, the govt. has coordinated the journeying and climbing trails. The climbing course, which goes through the tight valley and the thick Deodar and Pine woods can be considered as a real part of the unrivaled experience.

The most effective method to arrive at The Glen

If you have any desire to visit The Glen, you can begin from the Shimla Railway station. From that point, you need to take National Highway No. 22. From that point onward, you need to take the Circular Road which will take you to the Ridge at the focal point of the city. This street further leads you to Glen Forest which is your main goal.

Accommodation or lodges close to The Glen

The Glens are situated close to Shimla Town. It is only 45 minutes stroll from Mall Road. You can get convenience in Shimla at different lodgings and retreats. You can likewise remain with the neighborhood individuals, who have an additional room and give the convenience.

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