Science City Kolkata (Timings, History, Entry Fee, Images, Location & Information)

Science City is one of the most renowned vacation destinations of Kolkata and is additionally one of its sort science historical centers in the existence where one will learn through the amusement. The science city was opened on the first of July 1997.

Science City, Kolkata is a unit of the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), which thus, is an independent body that goes under the Ministry of Culture of the Government of India. Science City is the biggest science community in the whole Indian Subcontinent, conceptualized with the single maxim of promotion of science.

Science City Kolkata

Science City is created on 50 acres of land which used to be an unloading ground for the city’s trash for over 100 years. There are two offices, specifically the Science Center and the Convention Center.

The Convention Center Complex was initiated on 21 December 1996 by Paul Jozef Crutzen alongside the then Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mr. Jyoti Basu and the whole place was introduced by the then Prime Minister, Mr. Indra Kumar Gujral on the first July 1997.

An ideal mix of learning and fun, the science city likewise has a segment committed to the oceanic world with probably the most fascinating fish and bugs in the aquariums.

The complex has the Space Odyssey, Dynamotion, Science Exploration Hall, Maritime Center, Earth Exploration Hall, and a rambling Science Park giving its guests an encounter that they would recollect deep-rooted. From the day it was opened for guests until now, Science City has kept footfall in the abundance of 29.90 million. It is renowned among both nearby as well as worldwide guests.

Area of Science City Kolkata

Science City is situated on the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass at the crossing of Park Circus connector on J. B. S. Haldane Avenue.

Science City Kolkata Attractions

Earth Exploration Hall

Opened to guests on 6th December 2008, the Earth Exhibition Hall was introduced by the then Union Minister for Culture of India, Ms. Ambika Soni. It is a two celebrated semi-round display with a breadth of 25 meters that houses a long-lasting presentation on Earth. The Southern Hemisphere details are shown on the ground floor while; the Northern Hemisphere shows are on the main floor.

There is a gigantic Earth model situated at the focal point of the lobby, cut into 12 longitudinal portions which address significant highlights of each section like topography, actual geology, land, individuals, flora, and fauna in the compositions.

The unique regular peculiarities of the Earth are portrayed with the assistance of trend-setting innovations like intelligent sight and sound introductions, video walls, shifting tables and PC stands empowering guest commitment and data recovery. The issues relating to environmental change, catastrophic events, and their impact on worldwide biology are shown subsequently bestowing mindfulness among guests.

Space Odyssey

The Space Odyssey houses a Space Theater, 3D theater, Time Machine, Spinning Platform, Mirror Magic, Space Science, Van-de-Graaff generator, an assortment of shows on Space Science, and an intuitive sight and sound kiosk on Solar System.

The Space Theater has a Helios Star Ball Planetarium upheld by 150 special effect projectors and an enormous organized film projection framework in a 23-meter width vault with a limit of seating 360 watchers all at once.

The shows in the 3D venue are Polaroid-based sound stereo back projection framework that makes a three-layered impact.

Time Machine is a 30-seater movement test system synchronizing general media shows and furnishing the virtual experience of a room trip with the movement of a case. The container has six levels of movement and can make flat pitches, vertical lifts, and longitudinal rolls.

The Mirror Magic is a mirror labyrinth that displays actual standards behind pictures and gives genuine riddles to guests. There are 35 shows which incorporate boundless train, bending burrow, head on a platter, floating in the air, and so on, a one of its sort insight.

Dynamotion Hall

The Dynamotion Hall is a huge winding structure lodging plenty of intelligent displays on actual science. The exhibition offers a thrilling excursion into the universe of science wherein, one can really see the value in the logical peculiarities as they see them occurring, in actuality.

There is a gigantic piano on the floor where one can make music while strolling on it, make a cleanser bubble float in the air, peep into an endlessly profound well, move a drifting ball, or, can make a dish float in the air. There is a great deal many separate segments inside the Dynamotion Hall like Power of Ten, Illusions, Aquarium, Butterfly Enclave, Biodiversity, Nano Lab, Physical Science, and Science Show.

Force of Ten is a panel-based presentation that has 43 displays showing the mysteries of the universe. Guests can look at the size of the items by just changing the sizes of estimation between higher and lower in the request for ten.

Deceptions are the segment with a lot of unthinkable-looking pictures and visuals wherein one finds how movement and situation of items change our visual view of that specific item. The investigations should be possible with the assistance of PC-based action.

Maritime Center

The Maritime Center has created an implicit coordinated effort with the Kolkata Port Trust. The structure portrays the historical backdrop of Indian Maritime history and exercises. The structure is implicit in the state of a boat on a development area of around 700 square meters. The show displays incorporate ancient rarities, scaled models, and lifelike models of delivery as well as route frameworks. There is likewise an automated quiz corner notwithstanding different relics.

Open air Science Park

The Outdoor Science Park is a fundamental piece of all NCSM centers that invites guests to study the climate, plants, creatures, and different articles in our nearby normal environmental factors which we end up disregarding in our consistent life. The displays exhibited in the outside park are designed to support a wide range of climates. The displays contain Caterpillar Ride, Gravity Coaster, Musical Fountain, Cable Cars, Monorail cycle, Road Train, Butterfly Nursery, and different shows on actual science.

Science Exploration Hall

The new structure of the Science Exploration Hall was opened in 2016 and is spread across an area of 5400 square meters with cutting-edge foundation offices. The investigation lobby predominantly involves four areas:

  • Gallery on arising advancements
  • Evolution of life-A Dark Ride
  • The scene on Human Evolution (360 degree projection) portrays the development of life over ages
  • Science and Technology Heritage of India

Science City Kolkata Timings

Science City stays open the entire year around from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, besides on Holi. The ticket counters stay open till 7:00 PM

Science City Kolkata Ticket Rates

P.S: All rates referenced from this time forward are on per individual premise except if referenced in any case

P.P.S: No additional charge for photography and videography

For general guests

Passage Fee: INR 60.00

Development of Life-A Dark Ride: INR 40.00

Panorama on Human Evolution: INR 60.00

Joined rates (Dark ride + Human Evolution): INR 80.00

Science on a Sphere New: INR 40.00

3D Theater: INR 30.00

Space Theater: INR 60.00 (The rates are dependent on future developments as the theater is going through upgradation and may likewise stay suspended for some time)

Road Train: INR 20.00

Cable Car: INR 48.00

Time Machine: For on-going modernization work, this ride stays suspended briefly.

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