Raj Bhavan Kolkata (Timings, History, Entry Fee, Images, Built by & Information)

The authority home of the Governor of the province of West Bengal in India is known as the Raj Bhavan. This is a heritage building that had been fabricated way back in 1803 during the domain’s system. After India’s autonomy, what was prior known as the Government House turned into the Raj Bhavan.

Raj Bhavan Kolkata

The total region that the Raj Bhavan and its intricate covers are more than 27 acres while the floor space of the actual structure is around 84,000 square feet. The structure is known for its supreme architecture and huge nurseries which used to stamp it not the same as the flourishing urbanization of the city.

Presently public entry is permitted in the vicinity where you can take directed visits or really look at the rooms, suites, hallways, and balconies of the Raj Bhavan out for yourself.

History of Raj Bhavan Kolkata

In the mid-nineteenth century, the Governor-General of the East India Company resided in a leased house known as Buckingham House, which was found where the Raj Bhavan stands now. This house remained ashore claimed by a man named Mohammed Reza Khan who was a Nawab of Chitpur.

In 1799 the Governor-General of India Marquess Wellesley, started development since he accepted that the Governor-General of the nation should live in a castle showing majestic power over the colony.

After four years, in 1803 the development of the Government House was finished. The whole undertaking left a colossal mark on East India Companies’ assets as it took almost 63 thousand pounds to fabricate the construction, this is around 3,000,000 pounds according to the present estimate.

Wellesley was blamed for the ill-advised administration of assets and sent back to England in 1805, while Kolkata wound up with quite possibly its best pilgrim chateau. This building was subsequently utilized by the Viceroy of India, till the capital was moved to Delhi. From that point forward this building has been utilized by the Governor of the territory of West Bengal as their home.

Design of Raj Bhavan Kolkata

The Raj Bhavan in Kolkata was planned by Captain Charles Wyatt. Having a neoclassical style of design with florid overtones is known. After Wellesley left in 1805, a few changes have been made to the construction of the Raj Bhavan, for example, the metallic vault was added during the 1860s by Viceroy Lord Elgin.

Lord Curzon carried power and a lift to the Raj Bhavan. The first lift was introduced in 1892, by the Otis Elevator Company which works right up ’til now. Raj Bhavan is three celebrated with an immense central open region comprising of enormous lobbies, bent hallways, and confined wings on the four sides as a whole.

There is a total sum of 60 rooms in Raj Bhavan barring all corridors, overhangs, dinner lobbies, and a brilliant Throne room. On the second floor of the structure, there are four private suites in four corners of the structure.

The fundamental suite which is known as the Prince of Wales suite is generally utilized by unfamiliar dignitaries during their visits and is on the main floor towards the northwest wing. The first floor likewise comprises of the fundamental Throne room, it has a dinner corridor and furthermore has the Blue hued drawing rooms and the Brown shaded lounge areas.

On the ground floor lies the Marble Hall which is available to people in general and should be visible during the day. The subsequent floor or the highest level has the private set-up of the Governor and the Ballroom.

What should be done at Raj Bhavan Kolkata

Raj Bhavan is situated in the center of the city, which is the reason a lot of vacation destinations are close to the corner. To visit the insides of this captivating structure you will require earlier authorization from the workplace of the Governor of West Bengal.

On the off chance that you in all actuality do get to visit the spot, you will appreciate and value everything about this fabulous fascination. In the event that you don’t get to visit the Raj Bhavan from within, remaining at the North Gate you get a brilliant perspective on the nurseries, the lines of trees, and the loftiness of the actual construction.

Spots to visit close to Raj Bhavan Kolkata

There are a few structures around the area if you have any desire to visit a couple. Some of them include:

  1. Saheed Minar: It is situated at the Esplanade crossing.
  2. St. John’s Church: Right close to the Raj Bhavan lies the St. John’s Church which looks great in yellow and is worth a visit.
  3. Eden Gardens: On the opposite side of the road lies the cricket arena of Kolkata known as the Eden Gardens, which likewise has its nursery known by a similar name.
  4. Millennium Park: About a brief leave, lies the children’s most loved Millennium Park where grown-ups and kids the same can partake in the engaging rides and the riverside view from the recreation area.
  5. Writer’s Building: Right close to Raj Bhavan lies many frontier structures like the Writer’s Building.
  6. General Post Office: Along the above stretch is the General Post Office.
  7. Fort William: Fort William is a verifiable stronghold that gives you a brief look into Calcutta in the nineteenth century.
  8. Maidan: The biggest open green land inside the city known as the Maidan which means “field” in English isn’t extremely far away from the Raj Bhavan by the same token. The size of the Maidan is immense!

Spots to Shop and Eat close to Raj Bhavan Kolkata


For travelers who have different plans, for example, shopping and eating, there are two extremely well-known markets exceptionally near Raj Bhavan:

  1. New Market: It is quite possibly of the oldest markets in the country.
  2. Chandni Chowk Electronics Market: Lose your psyche at the pocket-friendly costs of the things viewed as here.


Foodies who love to eat must visit:

  1. Dacres Lane: Dacres Lane is around a ten-minute stroll from Raj Bhavan and this path gives different cooking styles to breakfast, lunch, and supper to the workplace participants of the territory. Dacres Lane is well known for being old, credible and similarly delectable with its recipes and customs.
  2. Chung-wah: Chung-wah is well known for its Chinese dishes. It is perhaps of the most established bar and family restaurants in the city.
  3. Sabir’s Hotel: You ought to most likely attempt the dish known as Mutton Rezala at Sabir’s Hotel which is basically a sheep curry.

How to Reach Raj Bhavan Kolkata

The structure is arranged in the area known as Dalhousie, which is known as the old business center of the city as it houses the greater part of the significant workplaces. It is right close to the popular cricket arena in Kolkata called Eden Gardens. You can without much of a stretch arrive at the Raj Bhavan from any area of the city using a few sorts of conveyance, for example,

Bus: You can take transport to Esplanade and strolling towards Babughat for five minutes will carry you to the Raj Bhavan.

Taxi: You might take a taxi directly to the Government House, online rental cabs are likewise accessible in the city of Kolkata. On the other hand, you can choose a taxi from top car rental companies in Kolkata and investigate each one of the well-known spots to visit in Kolkata easily.

Ferry: You can take a ship to Babughat and a little brief stroll towards Esplanade will carry you to the Raj Bhavan.

Train: The closest train station is the BBD Bagh station, with trains running every 30 minutes and just two minutes from the Raj Bhavan.

Metro: If you need to take a Metro, get off at Chandni Chowk Station or Esplanade and walk to the Raj Bhavan, it’s around a three-minute walk.

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