Rabindra Sarobar Kolkata (Entry Fee, Timings, Best time to visit, Images & Location)

Famously known as the Dhakuria Lake, the Rabindra Sarobar is a man-made lake and the second biggest water group in Kolkata. It was baptized to its current name in 1958 after the prestigious writer and Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, honoring him.

Rabindra Sarobar, Kolkata

Under the National Lake Conservation Program, which is presently converged with the National Wetlands Conservation Program of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, the Government of India, Rabindra Sarobar was proclaimed to be a ‘Public Lake’ in 1997 since being a significant ecological reserve of the city is thought of.

History of Rabindra Sarobar, Kolkata

Situated in South Kolkata, the region of the whole lake alongside the walkway stretches to 192 sections of land. The Calcutta Improvement Trust (CIT), a body liable for the advancement of the framework and beautification of the city obtained 192 sections of land of boggy wilderness land in 1921 with the expectation of constructing private buildings alongside lakes and parks. Out of the entire region, just 73 sections of land of the land is covered by the lake. The rest of the area involves gardens, parks, trees, bushes, auditoria, and a jogger’s strip.

There are around 11,000 trees in the space which have a place with 50 unique species, out of which 7,500 of them are more than 70 to 100 years of age. There is a huge populace of different assortments of fish on the lake nonetheless, fishing is restricted.

What should be done At Rabindra Sarobar

Go for A Morning Stroll

A morning walk is a phenomenal method for killing pressure and keeping up with great health. A lively stroll toward the beginning of the day gives an eruption of energy and brings out a positive mentality in you. The quiet air of Rabindra Sarobar Lake is perfect for a loosening up stroll in the calm of the mornings.

Contemplate To Release Stress

Contemplation is the most ideal way to restore a more profound association with yourself. In this quick-moving way of life, we frantically need to dial back, take full breaths, and deliver all the developed pressure. Join a yoga club and have a spirit-looking experience next to the lake!

Attempt Nature Photography

The Rabindra Sarobar Lake is the ideal spot for those keen on photography. The lovely climate makes for completely flawless scenery for a few astounding snaps. One can frequently recognize a maturing photographic artist or two, taking a stab at proficient DSLRs to catch the lake’s magnificence.


The Rabindra Sarobar Lake is additionally home to an endless number of transitory birds and watching these extraordinary creatures is interesting! In the event that your motivation originates from Salim Ali (the Birdman of India) and his ceaseless love for birds, the Rabindra Sarobar Lake will furnish you with a noteworthy encounter. Many individuals head out to the lake to get a brief look at birds like the brown-breasted flycatcher, pin-followed kill, blue-throated blue catcher, brahminy starling, and so on.

Release Your Limbs

The twisting ways along the tremendous, rambling lake resemble heaven for all the wellness goes crazy there! You can run or jog and participate in a full-on practicing system with different devotees at Rabindra Sarobar Lake. Running will harden your insusceptible framework, bring down the circulatory strain, reinforce your lungs, and furthermore assist you with shedding the additional calories.

Loosen up For A Swim

Sign up for a swimming class in the event that you wish to lower yourself in the cool and clean waters of the Rabindra Sarobar Lake. The intense heat of the Kolkata summers requires a wonderful rest and what’s superior to a good dunk in the tastefully satisfying lake? You will be shocked at the number of individuals who are intrigued to loosen up their limbs and live it up!

Participate in Water Sports

This tremendous span of the waterbody is additionally reasonable for facilitating an assortment of water sports like paddling, kayaking, water expressive dance, regatta, and so on. Many paddling clubs like the Bengal Rowing Club, the Calcutta Rowing Club, and the Lake Club, are related to the Rabindra Sarobar Lake and coordinate occasions every once in a while.

Laughter Is The Key To Happiness

Indeed, laughing is the best answer for expelling all the cynicism and expressing welcome to a blissful life! The recent college grads as well, in addition to the senior residents, can pursue a Laughing Club and delivery every one of the pressures of the everyday, unremarkable lives. Besides, you can start up a discussion with individual individuals and make new, similar companions who partake in a fair of humor!

Observe Live Performances

The Rabindra Sarobar Lake is likewise known for its social exercises and the get-togethers coordinated by the panel. In the event that you appreciate watching a live band execution, you ought to thoroughly visit the lake and have an opportunity to respect the splendid exhibitions by a few major names in the city. Kolkata is a city that regards workmanship and culture and the Rabindra Sarobar Lake is the quintessential setting for quality time.

Crunch On the Snacks

We Kolkatans, commend food above all other things. Enough said. The Rabindra Sarobar Lake offers you a few selections of bites (like jhalmuri) and hot cups of chai. You can find plenty of numerous choices around the lake premises and can satisfy your yearning after a practicing meeting or simply an easy-going walk.

Enjoy some time off

The day-to-day pollution unleashes damage on our actual wellbeing and mental prosperity. The peaceful air of Rabindra Sarobar Lake helpfully affects our general well-being and we feel calm after taking in the natural air. The lush plant life, the cool whirlwind, the birds trilling, and the delicate waves on the water, are restorative to a troubled soul. Without a doubt, Rabindra Sarobar Lake is perhaps of the best lake in Kolkata.

Spots to visit close to Rabindra Sarobar, Kolkata

  1. Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple: Popularly known as Kolkata’s Japanese Temple, is a very much kept up wonderful sanctuary situated on Lake Road which is currently known as Kabi Bharati Sarani in the Dhakuria area of South Kolkata. The presence of the sanctuary is a touch of random data for untouchables. The sanctuary was worked in 1935 by Nichidatsu Fujii, one of the devotees of the incomparable Japanese priest, Nichiren who taught the Lotus Sutra. By and by, the sanctuary is controlled by priests from North East India, and individuals from all beliefs are free to go to the sanctuary administrations.
  2. Lake Garden Graffiti Warehouse: As the name says everything, the Lake Garden Graffiti Warehouse is an unwanted distribution center, the walls of which are increased by appealing and smart spray painting everywhere. The stockroom lies directly in the center of the bylanes of the Dhakuria lake, unbeknownst to many. It is a serious problem area for wannabe specialists and children who come here to rehearse skateboards and cycling. One visit here is an unquestionable requirement to get a brief look at Kolkata’s developing underground rap culture.

How to Reach Rabindra Sarobar, Kolkata

The network to Rabindra Sarobar is generally excellent from all pieces of the city through vehicles, cabs, carts, and trains. The closest Railway Station is Howrah Junction and one might enlist a taxi or lease a taxi from top vehicle rental organizations in Kolkata to arrive at the lake.

The closest air terminal is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. One might arrive at Rabindra Sarobar by means of a taxi or lease a taxi from the air terminal.

The closest Metro station to Rabindra Sarobar is the Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station. From the metro station, it is a 3 min stroll to the lake.

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