Puri Beach In Odisha (The Golden Beach)

This objective absolutely needs no introduction. This beach in the pioneer city of Puri is the most well-known beach in Odisha and the biggest in the country. The impressive beach stretches up to seven km and is a round-the-year objective for both homegrown and worldwide explorers.

Guests can appreciate both the dawn and the nightfall, sunbathe, sit back around the ocean and watch nearby anglers pulling their bait or patching their nets play with the waves, alongside paying attention to the resonant version of the striking waves. Contrasted with different beaches in the country, the Puri Beach is viewed as more secure as it doesn’t confront elevated tide and propensity frequently.

Puri Beach

High tides happen just during a full moon, so scrubbing down in the ocean is a charming encounter. The region close to the ocean side is spotted with inns and lodgings for voyagers, everything being equal. For food lovers, there are a few shacks along the ocean side selling broiled and barbecued fish like prawns, crabs, and pomfrets, newly got from the ocean, alongside vegetable pakoras. There are likewise many shops selling Odisha handlooms and shell painstaking work. Like Chandrabhaga, Puri likewise has a beacon that stays open from 4 pm to 6 pm. One can get a fantastic perspective on the ocean and the ocean side from the highest point of the beacon.

Anybody who has spent his life as a youngster in the city of Kolkata would recollect that Puri was perhaps the most favored decision of end of the week escape. As a matter of fact, as far as some might be concerned, the Puri ocean side was the very first oceanside they visited as kids.

Situated on the shore of the Bay of Bengal, the Puri oceanside is home to probably the most dazzling perspectives on the sea and simultaneously is an area of the city that is likewise well known for its strict importance. Aside from being a famous end of the week escape for the populace living in the adjoining urban areas of Odisha and West Bengal, the other thing that draws in explorers from all parts is the yearly Puri Beach Festival, which is co-supported and coordinated by the Indian Ministry of Tourism, the Odisha state government, the Development Commissioner of Handicrafts, and the Eastern Zonal Cultural Center in Kolkata.

The Puri rail route station is situated at a distance of only two kilometers from the Puri Oceanside, hence giving admittance to vacationers to go to the spots close to Puri ocean side, including the town of Bhubaneswar, which is only 60 km from the city of Puri. What separates the Puri Oceanside from the other seashores in some other pieces of the nation is its prominence among the two travelers and enthusiasts.

4 Unique purposes behind visiting Puri

At the point when you consider Puri, perhaps the earliest thing that rings a bell is the well-known Puri Jagannath sanctuary. One of the four extraordinary ‘Char Dham’ journey locales, the sanctuary was remade from the tenth century onwards, on the site of a previous sanctuary.

While it is one of the fundamental attractions in Puri, I’m drilling down a couple of different things that Puri is well known for, and a few different things that you can remember for your schedule in the event that you are arranging an outing to Puri.

Pattachitra painting at Raghurajpur specialists town

Pattachitra is a Sanskrit word that in a real sense means ‘Material Picture’. It is one of the most renowned and astounding society fine arts of Odisha. Practically all of the chitrakar local area hails from a town in Puri called Raghurajpur. Encircled by palm trees and coconut trees, this town has roads that are totally beautified with painting artworks.

This is additionally one of the main towns in India where every family is taken part in specialties, for example, patta painting, stone carvings and so on. To see yourself encompassed by such a lot of expertise and ability is a treat to the eyes. How the specialists are persistently showing the specialty to more youthful ones, and the manner in which they empty life into a cutting is something that would move any craftsman/would-be craftsman and is a should visit when in Puri. When you peruse Puri hotels, and settle one for your visit, you can coordinate with them to set up for a road trip to this town.

Chilika lake between November to February

Chilika Lake is Asia’s biggest saline water lagoon, which is likewise home to a huge number of types of birds. It is maybe generally renowned for it’s dynamite perspectives on lakhs of transient birds showing up each year in the wake of flying a great many miles. The best opportunity to visit is between November and February since the assemblage of birds normally begins showing up constantly during seven day stretch of October. Chilika lake is a sanctuary known to house a wide assortment of greenery. It is additionally exceptionally famous for drifting and watching the dawn and nightfall. What’s more, on the off chance that you are fortunate you could try and recognize a dolphin or two on your boat ride!

Puri sea beaches

Odisha has probably the best beaches in India, with a shoreline of 485km along the Bay of Bengal. ‘Puri Beach’ is the most renowned of all, it is huge and loaded with sightseers. On the off chance that you are searching for something somewhat more very, there are many seashores like Paradise Oceanside, Gopalpur ocean side, and Astranga beach. Chandrabhaga’s ocean side is known for its hypnotizing sunsets while Balighai’s ocean side is an immaculate ocean side that remains moderately unseen.

Odisha’s handlooms

In the event that you are hoping to shop while in Puri, you should get a few materials that are customary to Odisha. Sambalpur sarees and dress materials, Bomkai, and Ikat are a portion of the well-known decisions. Orissa silk sarees are known for their fine and shiny magnificence. The old ikat or twofold ikat weave has voyaged everywhere, with numerous different locales having their own renditions. Be that as it may, the ikat textures delivered in Odisha are totally remarkable, with a fine weave and creative plans.


With the Rath Yatra occurring in the period of July, finding accommodation can be very troublesome. Anyway, it is ideal to book rooms ahead of time here. The lodgings offer bundles that take care of a wide range of guests from honeymooners to students. The lodgings close to the sanctuary will more often than not cheat. Make sure to register in a room with a climate control system throughout the late spring. Puri has its portion of ocean-side lodgings that offer an extraordinary perspective on the Golden Beach and don’t be guaranteed to beg to be spent.


There are a few decent cafés serving thali around Grant Road and CT Road. The Jagannath Temple premises has many sweet shops/cafés. Ensure you attempt the neighborhood forte, the bhang sherbet.

FAQ About Things To Do In Puri

How long are sufficient to explore Puri?

Typically a two-day visit is adequate to finish a large portion of what to do in Puri however you can remain something else for the greatest investigation.

What is the budget we ought to be ready for a little while to Puri?

Everything relies upon which place you are arriving at Puri and what are your necessities, inclinations, and solace level requests. The typical visit bundles which envelop everything to do in Puri start from INR 4,900/ – for a multi-day/1 night trip.

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