Purana Qila Delhi (Entry Fee, Timings, History, Built by, Images & Location)

In the midst of the hustle and clamor of consistently running Delhi city, stands the calm, tranquil Purana Qila. Otherwise called Old Fort, Purana Qila is one of the most established forts of the city. It is accepted that most of the current fortification of Purana Qila have been worked by Humayun and Sher Shah Suri.

History of Purana Qila(Delhi) – All You Need to Know About It

Purana Qila Delhi

Purana Qila isn’t simply a site of verifiable interest, however, has turned into a well known excursion spot and lover’s point for the current Delhi. It is in many cases visited during the ends of the week or getaways. It is much more well known in light of its area. Purana Qila is situated on Delhi-Mathura street and is near the National Zoological Park. Despite the fact that it is old, the site is plainly not abandoned in light of the fact that it is situated in the core of Delhi city.

In addition to the astounding engineering, vegetation around the Purana Qila and the lake that accommodates drifting are significant attractions for travelers visiting the spot.

History of Purana Qila, Delhi

You might wind up getting befuddled in the event that you go through the set of history books for looking at the historical backdrop of Purana Qila. Prevalent thinking is that the qila was based on the verifiable site of Indraprastha by Humayun and Sher Shah Suri. Be that as it may, it is challenging to separate their functions as it is pretty much comparative.

The normal conviction is that the walls and doors were worked under the direction of Humayun, while the structures inside the qila including the mosque and the Sher Mandal, have been worked by Sher Shah Suri. In nutshell, it is accepted that Humayun had remade Indraprashtha and had named it Dinpanah, while Sher Shah worked on the Fort.

Purana Qila is rectangular in shape and is spread over an area of 1.5 kilometers. The walls at the east and west side of the qila are the biggest. Each mass of the qila is 0.33 meters thick and is fixed by monstrous Forts at each end. Dissimilar to different fortresses of the city, the walls of Purana Qila are not given regular Forts. It is just on the west wall that the recurrence of Forts has been expanded, with every Fort set around 73 meters from the other. This was presumably in light of the fact that the qila was encircled by water from the other sides, prompting expanded health.

The bastioned bulwarks of the Purana Qila are an embodiment of solidarity. These enormous designs are made of elastic stone work. One more astonishing element of the Purana Qila are the three entryways which are a presentation of a cheerful mix of Hindu and Muslim styles of design.

The Northern gate, otherwise called Tallaqi Darwaza, is decorated with boards, exhibiting a man participating in a human battle with a lion. The Southern door likewise has comparable boards, where the lion has been supplanted by elephants. Of the relative multitude of doors, Tallaqi Darwaza is the most well-known, being very nearly 39 meters taller than the low-lying ground.

The top of the Tallaqi Darwaza is delegated by three chattris, upheld by sections of red stones. These chhatriss were painted in white, giving a stunning impact and striking appearance.

Nonetheless, past the astonishing delightful walls of Purana Qila are the remarkable structures set inside the Fort. The structures, Sher Mandal and Qila-I-Kunha Masjid, have endured the attack of times despite everything standing tall.

Sher mandal, the double-storeyed octagonal tower is related to the death of Humayun. While climbing the steps of the structure, Humayun slipped and lost his life. The Qila-I-Kunha masjid, nonetheless, was worked around 1541 Promotion. Being a significant milestone in the set of experiences Indo-Islamic architecture is known. The excellence of the structure says a lot of the design could that Sher Shah Suri had. It has been suitably portrayed as one of the absolute best structures of Sher Shah Suri by Fergusson.

The Qila-I-Kunha masjid has been propelled by Jamali Masjid, which was raised fifteen years earlier. Notwithstanding, Sher Shah’s creation denotes a few critical upgrades. It is improved and enhanced and exhibits an even composition.

The Qila-I-Kunha masjid isn’t excessively enormous, as it is underlying an area of 51X13.5 meters. It is 20.1 meters tall and is worked of different materials. The entry curve of the masjid is comprised of marble, while the spandrels of are comprised of Red Stones with marble studded on to them. The segments and mortars have been kept of white and dark marbles. The special mixture of different vivid stones gives a fair feeling of compositional style that Sher Shah Suri embraced.

There is likewise an exhibition hall inside the Purana Qila that requires some investment. The shows showed in the exhibition hall incorporate genuine articles that were utilized by the royals.

Old Fort Ticket Value 2022 and Timings

Purana Qila Timings are Dawn to dusk and it opens on the day in and day out. Opening times are at the hour of dawn and it closes at dusk. The passage ticket for Purana Qila is 30 Rs and the 5 rs entry fee for the Archeological exhibition hall for Indian nationals. Outsiders need to pay 300 for the joined tickets. No charge for utilizing the still camera inside the Fort and for camcorder guests need to pay 25 Rs at the ticket counter. SAARC and BIMSTEC nations residents need to pay sums like Indian Nationals.

Purana Qila Light and Sound Show

Sound and light show is likewise coordinated in the premises of Old Fort after the nightfall on regularly aside from Friday. Show name is ishq e dilli, Ishq E Dilli is a drawn-out show which shows the adoration for different rulers including Mughals and English Raj. Two shows are coordinated of this astonishing show in Hindi and English. The ticket cost of this show is 100 Rs for adults. Kid 3 to 12 years, senior residents, understudies and truly provoked need to pay 50 rs for this astounding show.

Purana Qila Data

Guests can leave the vehicles at Delhi Zoo leaving which is found simply before Old Fort. The closest metro station is High Court Metro Station (Pragati Maidan) of blue line. Assuming you are wanting to visit the Fort in summer season, kindly note that the climate of Delhi is exceptionally warm and muggy in summers.

Best opportunity to visit the Fort is rainy or winter season or picked the night time when the weather conditions is lovely. Somewhere around a few hours are expected to investigate the Fort and its regions. Inside the Fort Archeological Museum and nursery are additionally found. The light and Sound show is additionally coordinated in Purana Qila on each night in Hindi and English. Delhi Zoo is s should visit place which is found simply before the Fort door. Another close by traveler places are National Science Center and India Door. It is a generally excellent spot for photos as a large portion of the Fort and nurseries are very much kept up with. It is a problem area place for pre-wedding photograph shoot in Delhi.

What should be done

  • For vigorous shopaholics, there are a lot of business sectors to do shopping, particularly at Palika Bazaar, Connaught Place, and Janpath.
  • Investigate the close by historical locales and relish the lip-smacking road food Delhi is known for!
  • In the event that you are wanting to visit it before sun-down, the sound and light show is an unquestionable requirement to watch.
  • Boating facilities are likewise catered at Purana Qila so can sell around and tour this spot in a strange manner!

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