Nehru Planetarium Mumbai Timings (History, Entry Fee, Images, Built By & Information)

The Nehru Planetarium in Mumbai is a piece of the Nehru Centre and is a conspicuous scene for logical and astronomical education. Through different talks, occasions, and continuous conversations among famous space specialists, the Nehru Planetarium Mumbai endeavors to spread information alongside entertainment.

Nehru Planetarium(Mumbai) – All You Need to Know About It Before Visit

Nehru Planetarium Mumbai

The spot is planned by draftsman J M Kadri and the tube-shaped structure alongside the lovely vault building interests many individuals. Students, cosmologists, and other space research aficionados visit this spot for the different shows coordinated here.

On occasion, you can likewise observe workshops and widespread developments held inside the premises. The Nehru Planetarium additionally has arrangements set up to assist you in stargazing and watching heavenly events like eclipses.

Since its introduction, this organization committed to space study has been a focal point of fascination among students and researchers the same. Assuming science and space captivate you, the Nehru Planetarium in Mumbai is one spot that you won’t care to miss. Also, what more? Children will cherish this spot as well.

History of Nehru Planetarium Mumbai

The Nehru Planetarium has been worked as a piece of the Nehru Place that was developed in 1972. It was set up as a middle for the investigation of science and mankind. The attention has been on the advancement of edutainment – schooling alongside diversion.

The planetarium was initiated 5 years after the fact, on Walk 3, 1977. Furthermore, throughout the long term, the Nehru Planetarium and Nehru Center have turned into a favored objective for famous space science researchers, specialists, and other people who study planets and all the movement over the sky. Science test challenges, astronomy-themed painting rivalries, and discussions are additionally coordinated here.

What should be done at Nehru Planetarium Mumbai

  1. Investigating the Solar System – Among the different shows of the Nehru Planetarium Mumbai, “Stars and Wonders of the Universe” is the most common one. While the projector shows the pictures, the narrator discusses the Solar System, the advancement of our planet, and different secrets in our Universe. This 90-minute lengthy show has four meetings over the course of the day. Two meetings are conveyed in Hindi, while the other two are described in English and Marathi.
  2. Seeing astronomical events – On the off chance that you are in Mumbai upon the arrival of Sunlight-based or Lunar shroud, the Nehru Planetarium is the spot to observe the occasion. The spot has the office and fundamental instruments to give you the survey insight, which probably won’t be accessible from different spots in the city.
  3. Stargazing – The Nehru Planetarium has telescopes outside the structure, for the people who are keen on the stars. Through the telescopes, you can look into the tremendous cosmic system and may likewise bring a look into the external world.
  4. Discovering India – In the Nehru Community complex, you can track down a few presentations, exhibitions, and furthermore halls where different shows and comprehensive developments occur. Really take a look at the timetable with the administration if you have any desire to go to some.
  5. Visiting the library – The library close to the Nehru Planetarium has a collection of around 30,000 books. These books range from religion to social sciences, from reasoning to sociologies, and even arts and architecture among others. Students regularly this spot to actually take a look at the reference library.

Nehru Planetarium Mumbai Passage Entry Fees and Show Timings

The spot is open all through the year with the exception of Mondays and a couple of celebrations. It opens at 11:00 AM and stays available until 5 PM.

The show runs multiple times during the day. The primary show begins at 12 early afternoons and is described in Hindi. The second show in Marathi and the third one in English begin at 1:30 PM and 3 PM, separately. The last demonstration of the day starts at 4:30 PM. It is in Hindi once more.

Nehru Planetarium ticket cost is ₹100 per individual (aged 5 years or more). Concessional rates for group visits can profit as well.

The best chance to visit Nehru Planetarium in Mumbai

Aside from the late spring months, the temperature in Mumbai stays cool until the end of the year. Thus, you can visit the planetarium during those days, that is from July to Spring. It’s an indoor field, so outside weather conditions won’t influence your experience. Be that as it may, assuming that you intend to check the telescopes for a view, you should come on a day when the sky is clear.

Time to investigate Nehru Planetarium Mumbai

The show span at the Nehru Planetarium Mumbai is something like an hour and a half. However, assuming that you additionally have plans to investigate the Nehru Community grounds, have around 3 hours in your planner for this spot. Art galleries, shows, and library are the better places of fascination accessible for you to check.

Spots to visit close to Nehru Planetarium Mumbai

  1. Worli Sea Face – Worli Sea Face is a promenade confronting the Arabian Sea. It is around 3 km away from the Nehru Planetarium and individuals utilize this spot to run, run or simply go through their night checking the ocean out. It is likewise well known in view of the road food merchants who set their pani-puri and chaat slows down here. Aside from the attractive draw of road food stalls, Worli Sea Face likewise draws in children and grown-ups to click an image with the sculpture of The Everyday person. This walkway is 2 km long and drives you to one more fascination of the Mumbai – Bandra Worli Sea Link.
  1. Bandra Worli Sea Link – It is a link remained span based on the Arabian Sea. The extension is a piece of a venture to interface the western rural areas of Mumbai to its business region. It decreases the drive time among Bandra and Worli overwhelmingly and a great many vehicles go through this consistently. Yet, it is a structural wonder as well, so as to see. Bandra Worli Sea Link is around 4 km from the Nehru Planetarium and when you go through it, remember to have a brief look at Mumbai from the ocean.
  1. Shree Siddhivinayak Mandir – Just 4 km in front of Worli Ocean Face lies this prestigious Hindu temple. Political pioneers, Bollywood famous people, and many games people come to supplicate at Shree Siddhivinayak Mandir every now and then. It is a brilliant six-story temple with a brilliant vault at its top.
  2. Haji Ali Dargah – Haji Ali Dargah is a mosque and the burial place of a holy person named Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. It is a 400-year-old strict milestone and a famous Islamic journey place. Vacationers and explorers from everywhere in the world visit Haji Ali to look for gifts.

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