National Rail Museum Delhi (Entry Fee, Timings, History, Images, Location & Entry ticket cost price)

The National Rail Museum is situated in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. The establishment stone of the rail line Museum was laid on 7 October 1971 by Shri V.V Giri (Leader of India) and it opened on the first of February 1977 for the overall population. The initiation of the rail Museum was finished by Shri Kamlapati Tripathi (Rail Pastor).

The rail Museum is spread over an area of 10 acres of land. It comprises an open-air gallery and an indoor display. Museum was remodeled in 2014 and the indoor exhibition is completely useful after the redesign. It is otherwise called the Chanakyapuri rail museum.

National Rail Museum(Delhi) – All You Need to Know About It

National Rail Museum

National Rail Museum of Delhi has a unique assortment of in excess of 100 real-size trains and motors from the outset of the Indian rail routes. These genuine trains carry back the guests to the radiant past of the Indian Railroads. Here you can get more familiar with the historical backdrop of Indian rail lines.

The fundamental fascination of the rail route museum is the pixie sovereign, it is the world’s most established working train motor which was worked in 1855. This 160+ years legacy steam motor is the star of the gallery. Aside from the fairy queen motor, different attractions are Patiala State Monorail Trainways, Fire Engine, Saloon of Prince of Wales, Saloon of Maharaja of Indore, Saloon of Maharaja of Mysore, Electric train 4502 Sir Leslie Wilson, Electric train Sir Roger Lumley, Matheran Rail Vehicle No 8899, Cranetank, and so on.


Rail Museum Delhi offers a few exceptional offices along with fundamental offices like a cafeteria, washrooms, and so on.

  • A hall with a sitting limit of 200 individuals for communicating with students during school visits or to use for Railway lectures.
  • Rails Restaurant is running in the imitation of CST end building’s Arch. The steam motor moves on the tracks and serves the food to the guests. Try not to pass up on this open door. Starting around 01 October 2017, eateries and food slows down inside the rail museum are shut because of upkeep.

Indian Railways has been one of the most conspicuous methods of transportation for the country for recent hundreds of years. Indian Rail Network is one of the biggest on the planet. We all may have traveled by a train at some time or the other.

In any case, do we have at least some idea of how it functions? What steps are taken to build the rail organization? What sort of advancement has railroads found previously? In the event that you are interested to know replies to these and more inquiries connected with the Indian Rail route Organization, you should visit National Rail Museum. This exceptional gallery includes an assortment of some 100+ genuine size shows of Indian railway.

National Rail Museum is spread over an area of 11 acres of land and offers a treat for just children as well as a growth opportunity for old individuals as well. The National Rail Museum contains India’s rail line legacy, restrictive displays, antique trains, train rides, a grandstand of specialized improvements done in rail lines, and significantly more.

It showcases both indoor and open-air shows. One can’t miss the toy ride inside the gallery, in which the guests can take a series of the whole Museum and get a brief look at every one of the shows in one go. You can see everything from a Steam Simulator, Diesel Simulator, Coach Simulator, et al during the ride.

History of National Rail Museum

The Vehicle Museum was conceptualized in the year 1962. Nonetheless, it was exclusively in 1970 that the idea took a substantial shape under the warning of a rail fan called Michael Graham Satow.

The idea began turning into a reality on seventh October 1971, when the establishment stone was laid by then President V. V. Giri at the site in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.

It required around six years to finish the museum and it was at last initiated on first February 1977 by the then Priest of Railroads Kamlapati Tripathi. The museum had a name change later and was called National Rail Museum after that.

Inside the Rail Museum

The outdoor gallery: As captivating as the indoor segment of the National Rail Museum, the outside area too is as well. The outside segment of the museum portrays the setting of a railway yard. It houses various motors and mentors including electric, diesel, and steam trains.

This segment likewise grandstands a magnificent assortment of carts, defensively covered trains, carriages, and rail cars. And these are not models. There are a few unique lifesize displays, that have been kept up with so that the guests might be able to see them for a very long time.

The Heritage of Indian Railway: When you stroll into the National Rail Museum, do keep yourself arranged for an exceptional tryst with history. The absolute most extraordinary displays exhibiting the tradition of English and Indian royals should be visible inside the Museum.

The National Rail Museum takes you on an excursion of 160 years previously, where you get to see everything from a 1:8 scale train, coach simulator, diesel simulator, steam simulator, various kinds of flagging instruments, Indian railway uniforms, media communications systems utilized in Indian Rail line, old fashioned railway furniture, and even developer plates for the organizations participated in the development of trains.

A great deal of rail routes shows and foundations are shown to give a genuine image of Indian Railways have developed during the years gone by. One can likewise find rail lines antiques and train models, both in static and working circumstances in the indoor segments of the cutting-edge National Rail Museum.

Regal Collection: National Rail Museum gives a fair feeling of the illustrious ways of life lived by the then Kings and Queens. The classic trains and mentors that are in plain view incorporate the Prince of Wales Saloon, the Maharaja of Mysore’s Saloon, and the Maharaja of Baroda’s Saloon.

Try not to miss peeping inside the carts to get a genuine look at the exquisite illustrious interiors and the royal trains of the bygone eras. One can likewise see the first mentors of Palace On Wheels shown at the National Rail Museum.

Experience the rides and 3D simulators: Miss the toy train that you used to ride in your life as a youngster? Indeed, National Rail Museum is good to go to revive your experience growing up by offering you a drive around on the Toy Train.

There’s a Toy Train ride in the open-air display of the National Rail Museum that you should appreciate. Other than you can take a ride on the Patiala State Monorail on Sundays. A virtual 3D coach ride is likewise presented in the indoor part of the National Rail Museum, allowing you to encounter various kinds of trains and mentors.

Opportunities for photographers: Getting clicked at the National Rail Museum is an open door worth the effort. Try not to miss presenting against the absolute generally vintage and exotic coaches and trains. Furthermore, you can likewise get a customized copy of the gallery’s NRM Times, with your photograph imprinted on the first page.

Gifts: The National Railway Museum isn’t just about making recollections yet in addition esteeming them for a lifetime. Do guarantee that you purchase a gift from the museum like a training model, postcards, banners, clothes, books, and substantially more.

The Rail Restaurant: Your experience of the National Rail Museum is inadequate on the off chance that you don’t visit the rail restaurant. Enlivened by the model train of the Maharaja of Gwalior’s meal table, there’s a moving train around the café serving your assortment of food. Recall something almost identical being displayed in the Bollywood film Ki and Ka?

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