Marine Drive Mumbai Timings (Entry Fee, Images & Information)

The famous Marine Drive in Mumbai is a milestone in itself and needs no presentation. Being the essence of Mumbai and Bollywood same, it turns into a should-visit place for every individual who is in the city. The 3.5-kilometer bent or C-molded Street with six laned streets runs along the south shoreline of the city right from Nariman highlight Girgaum Chowpatty.

What was once a calm beachfront promenade in the twentieth century, has now turned into the most clamoring area of the city. Marine Drive is likewise called ‘Queen’s Necklace’ as the elevated perspective of the bent road around evening time looks like a neckband because of the yellow lights lined along the bend.

Marine Drive(Mumbai) – All You Need to Know About It Before Visit

Marine Drive Mumbai

Another noticeable thing that slips through the cracks is the tetrapods lined along the whole length of the promenade. The tetrapods were imported from Australia in 1958. There are almost 6,500 tetrapods at Marine Drive, every one of them weighing two tons and costing upwards of INR 5000 each.

The explanation for these tetrapods being put along the coast is to safeguard the promenade from being hurt areas of strength. The tetrapods retain the energy of the waves and let the water stream around them keeping away from direct contact with the promenade.

The Art Deco structures of Marine Drive were given the situation with UNESCO World Legacy, as a piece of Victorian Gothic and Art Deco Gatherings of Mumbai.

History of Marine Drive Mumbai

The historical backdrop of Marine Drive returns to the 1860s by building a promenade by recovering more land by digging the ocean and dumping stones to make land. This plan was deserted after American Civil War took over not long after the extraordinary financial accident that injured exchanges at the turn of the nineteenth century.

Yet again the thought was taken up as motivation after the foundation of Cuffe March, a recovery project that was finished by The Bombay City Improvement Trust. During 1919, when the Backbay recovery conspiracy was brought about by the then managers with an aim to decongest the city after the episode of plague, the venture came to fruition with the push of private investors contributing their cash. The arrangement was to interface Nariman point and Malabar Slope through a promenade.

Out of 1500 acres of land of the first land that was under the arrangement of recovery, Marine Drive at present is on a simple 17 acres of land. The rest of the land went under the debate of wars and inadequate plans and military possession.

There is an engraving on a light post at Girgaum Chowpatty that expresses that the development of Marine Drive had been started there and the spot was initially called Kennedy Sea Face. It was named after Sir Michael Kavanagh Kennedy, Secretary of the Bombay Public Works Division and an Overall in the English Armed force.

What should be done at Marine Drive Mumbai

  1. Art Deco Buildings: The craftsmanship deco structures run along 33% of the stretch of the oceanfront. Art deco is a remarkable design style highlight followed during the pilgrim times in what was then called Bombay and has an unmistakable quality all around the city. The significant lump of craftsmanship deco structures in Mumbai are in Fort, Churchgate, and Marine Drive. Soona Mahal is the best safeguarded Art Deco working of Marine Drive which was implicit 1937 and opened as a café named ‘All the rage’ in 1968, which is currently broadly known as ‘Pizza by the Bay’.
  1. Experience Art and Culture at NCPA: The National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) in Mumbai is the nation’s head organization devoted to expressions and culture and the first of its sort in whole of South Asia. The organization was introduced in 1969. One can book a play, dance show or unrecorded music show, or even a film screening.
  2. Chowpatty Ocean side and Road Food: Situated at the northern finish of Marine Drive and usually called Girgaum Chowpatty, Chowpatty beach is well known for its line-up of neighborhood restaurants and road food. The Chowpatty beach is quite possibly of the most seasoned seafront. One can likewise appreciate water sports on the oceanfront.
  3. Hanging Gardens: The hanging gardens are terraced gardens on top of the Malabar Slope, and are otherwise called Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens. One gets a delightful perspective on the whole Marine Drive and is the best spot to watch the sunset from.
  4. Taraporewala Aquarium: Kept up by the Branch of Fisheries themselves, Taraporewala aquarium is India’s most seasoned aquarium and host to various marine and freshwater fishes. One should visit the aquarium while visiting Marine Drive. After it was re-opened in 2015 in the wake of going through a remodel, the aquarium began drawing in additional guests. The aquarium is named after a popular Parsi humanitarian, DB Taraporewala, who had given the whole sum expected to fabricate it in 1951.
  1. Babulnath Sanctuary: Babulnath Sanctuary is an old sanctuary committed to Lord Shiva and is visited by a large number of fans on the Mahashivratri celebration day. The reason the sanctuary is very serene. The god is as Lord of the Babul tree and thus the name, Babulnath.
  2. Nilambari Open Deck Bus Tour: One can book the Nilambari Open Deck bus visit that takes around all unmistakable spots of South Bombay including Marine Drive. This visit is a drive to Maharashtra Tourism.

Entry Fee and Timings of Marine Drive Mumbai

There aren’t any restrictions on visiting hours as the promenade is available the entire day as Marine Drive is an open area. One can sit for a really long time and the best-prescribed chance to visit Marine Drive is at nightfall.

Being an open area and working for the general population, there is no entry fee.

Realities and Random data of Marine Drive Mumbai

  • The official name of Marine Drive is ‘Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Marg’
  • Marine Drive is accepted to be the World’s biggest review exhibition
  • The Marine Drive is a piece of the bombed Backbay recovery project
  • Local people call Marine Drive by its unique name, Sonapur
  • Marine Drive art deco structures, alongside the ones in Churchgate and Post, have been pronounced to be a UNESCO World Heritage Properties
  • Instead of the high as can be paces of the properties here, the rents are just about as low as INR 300 every month because of the Bombay lease control act

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