Maidan / Brigade Parade Ground Kolkata (History, Location, Information & Images)

Directly in the center of the city of Kolkata, lies a huge metropolitan green space and a recreational area, an unaltered piece of Calcutta, which traverses a complete area of 988 acres of land. The spot is called Maidan which is a real sense signifies ‘open field’ and is likewise alluded to as the Brigade Parade Ground. It is the property of the Indian Army. The spot is home to a few legacy structures that are compositional wonders and numerous sculptures and is likewise host to many vacation destinations alongside wide streets and tram tracks.

Maidan, Kolkata | Brigade Parade Ground | Timings and More

Maidan / Brigade Parade Ground Kolkata

The region that falls under Maidan extends from Raj Bhavan in Esplanade which is in the North and goes till National Library at Belvedere Road in Alipore in the South, and the open field begins from Victoria Memorial in the East to Hooghly River in the West. Since it is the greatest green cover in the city, individuals have found a significant way to safeguard it and it is likewise nicknamed as ‘Lungs of Modern Kolkata’ because of the environmentally friendly power energy experience it gives.

The tremendous stretch of Maidan incorporates a few football arenas, the renowned cricket arena, Eden Gardens, Kolkata Race Course, the Royal Calcutta Golf Club, and various game grounds. The spot is likewise known for its major political meetings and far-reaching developments held here, some of which have been recorded to be of much authentic significance. Subsequently, Maidan is likewise viewed as a position of verifiable and social importance.

Maidan is likewise called ‘Garh-er-Maath’ in Bengali, which in a real sense implies a plain field before the stronghold.

Frequently depicted as the lungs of Kolkata, the Maidan is the city’s biggest metropolitan green space, home to various cricket and soccer fields, jungle gyms, the extravagant Eden Gardens, and a few remembrances and landmarks. The recreation area is a significant get-together spot in Kolkata, and occupants head to the Maidan for amusement and relaxation at the ends of the week.

The Basics

After Fort William was developed in 1758, the jungle that used to possess the Maidan was gotten on a mission to provide the fort’s cannons with a reasonable line of the shoot. While park upkeep comes up short, a morning visit makes for probably the best people-watching around, giving guests a look into the everyday existences of Kolkata occupants. In the event that you’re especially keen on the verifiable side of things, join a visit and go with a manual to study the Maidan’s authentic significance.

Things to Know Before You Go

  • The Maidan is a must-visit for history buffs or any individual who appreciates watching people.
  • The region is family amicable, with a lot of room for youngsters to go around.
  • Wear sunscreen and bring bug spray; mosquitos can be an issue here, especially around sunset.

When to Get There

The recreation area is open 24 hours per day, however like any park in a major city, it’s best kept away from late around evening time. Come during the afternoon around nightfall to blend with families on night walks; simply be careful that this is when mosquitoes turn out in full power. During the storm months (July-September), the recreation area can get overflowed and sloppy.

Step-by-step instructions to Get There

The Maidan is arranged only east of the Hooghly River. Large numbers of the city’s major memorable attractions are situated nearby; the most critical, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Victoria Memorial, are inside the recreation area. For those depending on open transportation, the Princep Ghat, Park Street, and Rabindra Sadan metro stations are okay by the recreation area, on the west, upper east, and southeast sides, separately.

The Maidan and Sports

Other than being utilized as a motorcade ground for the British military positioned at Fort William, the recreation area has likewise assumed a significant part in the foundation of a few group activities in the city. The greatest three soccer groups in Kolkata keep a presence at the Maidan, and the now-famous game of cricket was acquainted with India with a 2-day match in the recreation area in 1804.

History of Maidan Kolkata

The historical backdrop of Maidan returns to the Battle of Plassey in 1757 when the British had significant success over Siraj-ud-Daulah and chose to settle down in Calcutta for good. They began building a lot mightier and better strengthened the new Fort William by eliminating individuals from Gobindapur town, which was then encircled by wastelands that shaped an esplanade.

The verdant plain of Maidan alongside Eden Garden Stadium and the current day Fort William, on the whole, used to be the first town of Gobindapur and it was encircled by the no man’s land and thick woods spread across an area of 1178 bighas out of which, just 57 bighas was habitable land. One year after the Battle of Plassey was finished, the development of the new Fort William alongside the homes for British pilgrims began in 1758. All unique inhabitants of Gobindapur were taken out and given remuneration by giving terrains somewhere else for them to settle.

The thick backwoods were gotten off and accordingly, the wide stretch free from the green front of Maidan appeared. This additionally guided admittance to the town of Chowringhee, which was generally cut off from the waterway because of the wilderness.

A trifling reality about Maidan is that the principal cricket on Indian grounds was played in Maidan between Old Etonians and Calcutta in the year 1804 and among the players was the child of the then Chief Justice of Bengal, Sir Elijah Impey. It was a multi-day match and the Etonians dominated the game by 152 runs.

Milestones and Places to see around Maidan Kolkata

Fort William, Victoria Memorial, Birla Planetarium, St. Paul’s Church, Park Street Cemetery, Eden Gardens, Royal Calcutta Racecourse, Princep Ghat, Lascar Memorial, Park Street

Instructions to arrive at Maidan Kolkata

Because of its area in Central Kolkata and being a significant vacationer and shopping location, arriving at Maidan is exceptionally simple as its network through numerous modes to and from different pieces of the city and different pieces of the state is very great.

Via Air: Nearest air terminal is the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose air terminal. Enlist a prepaid taxi or private taxi from top vehicle rental organizations in Kolkata to arrive at Maidan.

Via Train: Nearest railway stations to arrive at Maidan from out of West Bengal are Howrah Junction Railway Station and Sealdah Railway Station. Board a nearby transport or recruit a prepaid taxi or taxi to arrive at Maidan from the above rail line stations.

By Bus: There are numerous spots one can land at to arrive at Maidan. The significant bus stations are Rabindra Sadan, Jeevan Deep, Shakespeare Sarani, Park Street, and Fort William. You might board any transport that goes to B.B.D Bagh or Howrah Station and they all stop at every one of the above places.

By Metro: The closest metro stations to arrive at Maidan will be Maidan Metro Station, Rabindra Sadan Metro Station, and Park Street Metro Station.

By Tram: Using the legacy Kolkata tram is the most effective way one can follow the way of Maidan from the Esplanade Terminus. Board at Esplanade Terminus and take the famous cable car ride to partake in the sluggish-paced life of the city of happiness.

By Boat: Hop on to a ferry at Howrah or Malik ghat and get down at Babughat.

By Circular Railway: The closest railroad stations are Princep Ghat Station and Eden Gardens Station by means of a roundabout rail line.

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