Kufri Shimla (History, Distance, Images & Location)

Once you visit Kufri, you’ll find a breathtaking range of the Himalayas in the background that is surrounded by lush greenery, snow-capped mountains, immensely fine weather,  and green valleys that lure the tourists to enjoy a trip that will certainly be memorable throughout their lives.

Kufri Shimla

Kufri is known as one of the most desirable destinations in Himachal Pradesh and anyone who visits the state should never miss visiting this hotspot. Perched at a height of 9000 feet, This small hill station doesn’t fail to attract numerous visitors every year and thereby become a hub of all sorts of adventurous activities.

Kufri is a place that is popular for the mountains and the beautiful splendid scenery. Not only that, but this place also provides you with an undisturbed and unparalleled view of the mesmerizing landscapes with an insight into the architecture and history surrounding the place. If you are looking forward to being in a destination where you can unwind yourself and relax, this is the place to be. For all sorts of winter sports in Shimla, Kufri is definitely e the best place.

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General information on Kufri

Kufri is situated 16 km away from the main city of Shimla, and it happens to be one of the most famous tourist destinations well known for snow-capped peaks, skiing, and for the Kufri zoo. The ultimate attraction for tourists in Kufri is located on the Mahasu peak, at a height of around 2720 above sea level. Adventure lovers and tourists can reach the spot either by riding on a pony or hiking from the base camp.

As you finally reached the peak of this mountain, you can spend your time playing with snow and clicking the best pictures of your life.  there are a few common spots where you can get the best photos and the amazing view that you will get from this peak will compensate for the pain that you experienced during the climb. The Kufri Fun World is one of the most popular amusement parks where you get to go karting on the highest track in the world.

What is the best time to visit Kufri?

The months between November and March are believed to be the best time during which you should visit Kufri as you are going to experience the best snowfall during this period. At the same time, the summer months of April to June will give you pleasant and warm weather as well. For people who are looking for a skiing vacation amidst heaps of snow, make sure you visit the place between November and March. On the other hand, if you want to experience the cool air and the hill station vibes,  you may visit during April and June.

A short history of Kufri

Perched in the Himalayan mountain ranges, is a splendid and ideal hill station town located 16-20 km away from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.  this town was built in 1819 by the British but its popularity started increasing at least 50 years after it was built. Kufri derived its name from the word Kufr, which means lake.

How can you reach Kufri?

As already mentioned before, Kufri Is located just 16 km away from Himachal Pradesh and it is perfectly connected with the rest of the country. If you are wondering about how to reach Kufri, here are a few tips on the different means of transportation you can take to reach the spot.

New Delhi is the nearest metropolitan city

Jubbarhatti airport is the nearest airport from Kufri

Shimla railway station is the nearest railway station from Kufri

Kufri lies at a distance of 358 km from New Delhi

If you want to take a flight to reach Kufri,  you have to go to the Jubbarhatti airport. Tourists coming from abroad have to land in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, or Bengaluru airport to board the next connecting flight that will take them to Chandigarh. From Chandigarh, you have to hire a private cab or taxi to cover the remaining distance of 36 km.

If you want to reach Kufri by road,  you need not worry as Kufri is a place that has the best transport connectivity to the neighboring cities.  there are private buses as well as buses owned by the government that links Narkanda, Shimla, and Rampur to Kufri.

If you want to reach Kufri by train, the nearest railway station is the Shimla railway station.  after you board a train from Shimla,  you can either choose local cabs for local buses or even enjoy the interesting toy train ride to reach Kufri. Kufri has situated 15 km from the Shimla railway station.

Must-do interesting activities in Kufri Shimla

If you’re someone who is an adventure-seeker, the Kufri tour can never leave you disappointed. Every day, you can start your day with various types of recreational sports, as this place has covered you in every way. Check out the top 5 adventurous activities to do in Kufri, Shimla.

Go Skiing: If you want to experience a fun-filled skiing experience in Kufri, get ready for it. Kufri is certainly going to be a paradise for adventure-lovers and ski-lovers. From the time of the first snowfall to the chilling winter season, till the time melts, the place has the capacity to tempt hundreds of skiers throughout the year. Whether you’re an expert skier or a beginner, Kurfi has several slopes to offer. The best time to roll yourself into the heaps of snow is from December to February.

Tobogganing: This is yet another winter sport that has gained momentum all over the world and it is definitely one of the famous things to do in Kufri. The place is replete with many mountains and valleys. The charges for tobogganing in Kufri are around 500Rs. Per person.

Go trekking: Would you like to enjoy trekking on the trails of Chail?  if yes, it is located at a distance of 1-hour drive from Kufri and you can enjoy nature at its best. while you move towards this place, you will be amazed by the lush greenery, splendid mountains, breathtaking landscapes, and untouched panoramic views. Once you reach the highest trek point, don’t forget to look back to feel the abundance of nature. Although trekking is a tiring adventure sport, it gives you a lifetime opportunity to satiate your inner soul. March to June is the best time to enjoy trekking.

Go horse riding: How about taking a horse ride to Kufri is one of the classic ways to overlook the splendid view of the hilly ranges of Shimla. Horse riding is a must-do activity for all who wish to capture the daily lifestyle of the locals. The uphill climbs are exciting yet tiring and they are captivating the surrounding beauty that makes riding an unforgettable experience for adventure lovers.

Shop around in Kufri: If you’re a shopaholic, you should shop till you drop in Kufri. Catering to the needs of everyone, Kufri is a place where you can get everything from accessories to hand-made clothes, and different handicraft items. You can also get gloves, woolen socks, woolen caps, and shawls at affordable rates.

Try yak riding: In case you’re trying to do something unusual and unique, make sure you take out some time for a yak ride in Kufri. You can get a great experience in horseback rides as you can ride and simultaneously enjoy the breathtaking view through the forest trails. You’ll rather be amazed to see how the Himalayan yaks function during this peak season.

Places to visit in Kufri

Himalayan Nature Park

Amidst 90  ha of temperate vegetation lies the Himalayan  Nature Park in Kufri which is home to the Himalayan wild animals.  the whole Park is covered in a thick blanket of snow making it one of the most beautiful places to visit in December.

During summer,  you will find colorful flowers like balsams, primulas,  geraniums, and many more. Inside the zoo,  you can meet animals like the musk deer, Tibetan wolf,  black bear,  Sambhar, leopard,  and white-crested kaleej.

Mahasu peak

Among the most fun-filled and adventurous spots to visit in Kufri is the Mahasu peak. The Mahasu peak is believed to be the highest peak in that entire region.

If you visit this peak on a sunny day, you can easily see the divine Kedarnath and Badrinath ranges from the peak. And if you wish to get a view of the thick forests of deodar,  you have to hike through the adventurous trails.

Kufri Fun World

In case you are traveling to Kulfi in the month of December,  you should never miss visiting the Kufri Fun World. It is said to be the highest amusement park in the whole world. This Park is especially famous for its highest go-kart track on earth.

reaching this destination is an experience in itself because you have to hike through the mahasu peak in order to reach the Kufri Fun World. Make sure you try the Go Kart rides even though you have to stand in a long queue for your chance.


Agai,  Mashobra is located at a small distance from Kufri.  this is another hill town that offers some of the most thrilling activities like tracking,  trekking,  camping,  paragliding,  river rafting,  and Quad biking. At the same time,  you can also get the best views of the Himalayan landscapes.

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