Juhu Beach Mumbai Timings (Entry Fee, Images & Information)

Juhu Beach in Mumbai is among the renowned beaches of India. It faces the Arabian Sea, and it’s the longest Beach in Mumbai. The spot is known for its road food stalls, the alleviating views of the sunset, and furthermore, for experiences with superstars.

Juhu Beach(Mumbai) – All You Need to Know About It Before Visit

Juhu Beach Mumbai

The Beach is number one among the movie producers and you can find photograph meetings and video shoots continuing once in a while. Also, on the off chance that you visit Juhu Beach promptly in the first part of the day, you could find the famous people while they’re running or having coconut water there. Juhu Beach is in a luxurious region and numerous actors and actresses stay in the territory.

Individuals visit this spot to unwind and partake in the day with their friends and family. And keeping in mind that you’re there, remember to actually look at the nearby snacks of Mumbai.

What should be done at Juhu Beach

  1. Adopt some healthy habits – At Juhu Beach, local people come for their morning strolls or yoga meetings. In this way, if you need to get a few activities, work on your abs or taste some cool coconut water, Juhu Beach is where you ought to go. On the off chance that not keen on working out, the tranquil morning climate is reasonable enough for running and cycling as well.
  2. Riding a pony – Juhu Beach is long and has adequate space to check your pony-riding skills. Ponies are accessible available and you can go for them for a stroll or a run along the sand. Aside from ponies, camels are additionally there.
  3. Witnessing the sunset – The Beach faces the Arabian Sea, and each night individuals come here to watch the brilliant sun going down. Some are here to taste the snacks platter in plain view and shell out their pressure from the day. You also can relish some spicy panipuri with your gathering or reflect on your thoughts while tasting tea.
  4. Being engaged by road art – Monkey trainers, snake charmers, and tarot card readers are a few specialists you’ll find at Juhu Beach Mumbai. On certain days, you can likewise find sand craftsmen cutting out workmanship shows. Furthermore, the road food merchants taking care of every one of their clients is a craftsmanship in itself to appreciate.
  5. Looking at the street food – The region around Juhu Beach has a few cafés serving Global cooking styles and ocean depths luxuries. In any case, it’s the road food at the Beach which draws in individuals here. Food slows down selling panipuri, bhelpuri, pav-bhaji, and other neighborhood dishes of Mumbai stay swarmed the whole day. South Indian food and Chinese dishes are likewise accessible at Juhu Beach food stalls.
  6. Enjoy night parties – Juhu Beach Mumbai nightlife merits encountering while you’re in Mumbai. You can go through the night at the Beach inclination the waves and the cool wind or imprint participation at one of the party objections. Juhu has many bars, bars, and dance clubs where you can go through the late evening restoring yourself.
  7. Shopping a few gifts – Among the food peddlers and road craftsmen, you’ll likewise find different merchants selling toys and painstaking work. Reading their assortment would offer you a chance to take a few memories of Juhu Beach and Mumbai back home.

Which is the best time to Visit Juhu Beach?

The mornings are the best opportunity to visit Juhu Beach; a couple of individuals are there. In this way, it offers you the ideal chance to appreciate the excellence of the Beach. You can pick some tea and stay there, watching Mumbai preparing for one more day. What’s more, you could likewise get an opportunity to experience a Bollywood VIP walking along with you on the shore.

The fun, in any case, starts at night, when local people and sightseers meet up to invest some energy in the sunset. Summer is hot and damp. Consequently, you ought to visit this Beach during winter, when the environment is cooler. The ideal season begins in November and stays until March.

Juhu Beach Timings and Entry Fee

The Beach is open for you 24 hours per day. You can go to the spot for some early daytime running, watch the waves in the early afternoon or partake in some time alone at Juhu Beach Mumbai around evening time. Nonetheless, Juhu Beach gets into its personality at night when individuals rush into gatherings to loosen up after work or appreciate the tasty snacks of the city.

Time to Investigate Juhu Beach

The vast majority go through their evening on the beach eating sizzling noodles or licking cold barf-gola. Some others likewise invest energy with companions or family, having fun moments and clicking photos. What’s more, you also can burn through 1-2 hours at Juhu Beach.

Spots to visit close to Juhu Beach

  1. ISKCON Temple – This Hindu Temple is a piece of a worldwide non-benefit ISKCON association. It’s otherwise called Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple. This delightful marble structure has various lobbies for petitions and teaching. Enthusiasts come here to take the favors of Radha Rasabihari and different icons here. The Temple complex likewise has a library and an eatery. It is a couple of hundred meters from the Beach.
  2. Sanjay Gandhi National Park – This picturesque national park is around 19 km away from Juhu Beach and it is striking for being a weekend escape for the Mumbaikars. Sanjay Gandhi Public Park has got creatures, birds, and butterflies inside the recreation area. What’s more, aside from their sightings, guests can go sailing, cycling, and furthermore journeying on the various paths. The Buddhist stone-cut cave complex – Kanheri Caverns is additionally present inside the premises.
  3. Powai Lake – Powai Lake close to Sanjay Gandhi National Park is an artificial lake constructed by the British. Birds like ducks, kingfishers, and hawks visit the spot frequently, and you can recognize crocodiles in the lake as well. The lake used to be a piece of Powai Valley prior, however presently different structures have infringed on its fringe. Rich hotels, private buildings, and educational foundations exist there. However, the serenity of Powai Lake remains. It is around 16 km away from Juhu Beach.
  4. Bandra Worli Sea Link – Bandra Worli Sea Link, as the name says, interfaces the suburbia of Bandra and Worli. Rather than going through the bustling downtown area, vehicles can take this scaffold to save a lot of time. Besides the fact that the extension known for is its ease of use yet additionally for the plan. This structural wonder has been based on the Arabian Sea, around 10 km from Juhu Beach. And keeping in mind that you go through this extension, you will likewise get a perspective on Mumbai from the ocean.

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