Dawki River, Shillong (Meghalaya) – A Complete Tour Guide

Dawki River, otherwise called the Umngot River is one of the most gorgeous spots to visit in Shillong.

Have you ever considered visiting where you simply float on the completely clear shining water in slopes with lavish green trees with waterfalls dropping down from it? You may think that these places must be tracked down in fantasies. Yet, it is available here in Meghalaya, India.

Dawki River, Shillong

This spot doesn’t draw in that many tourists yet is quite possibly of the loveliest spot I have at any point visited in India.

The Umngot River otherwise called the Dawki stream denotes a characteristic partition between the Kashi and the Jaintia Hills and its completely clear water streams straightforwardly into Bangladesh.

Instructions to arrive at Dawki, Meghalaya

This delightful unlikely treasure is arranged around 82kms south of Shillong. The most ideal way to arrive at there is by taking a private vehicle or leasing a taxi. Add this to your rundown of spots to visit in Shillong and I bet you will not repent.

You can likewise contact Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC) right outside the railway station, in the event that you are going via train, and you can book your visit at the best cost.

The transport will take about Rs. 135 for every head, which is very ideal for overseeing and carting you through the flawless turns away the street with gorges to a great extent.

The closest Airport to Dawki is the Guwahati Airport likewise known as the Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport.

Best opportunity to visit Dawki, Meghalaya

The best chance to Visit Dawki is between October-April, i.e., the dry months. The stream spills over during the blustery season. Assuming that you visit soon after the stormy season you can see the cascades en route to Dawki loaded up with water. The view is breathtaking.

We visited this delightful heaven in the long stretch of October.

Likewise, have a go at visiting this spot during the daytime. Ideally between 3 PM-5 PM. You will get the best insight of the spot during this time.

What should be done in Dawki, Meghalaya

There are a lot of exercises you can do here in Dawki. You can do some of them on a short one-day visit while for a few different exercises you really want a committed Dawki trip.

Boat Ride

The specialty of this spot is its completely clear water and its suspension bridge. The water here is obvious to such an extent that you might see the riverbed. There are boatsmen there to take you on a boat ride over the breath-taking waters of the Dawki river at an ostensible rate.

The charges might differ. It took us Rs.500/boat for this ride, which is exceptionally ostensible given the experience you will get. Each boat can convey a limit of 5 individuals.

This boat ride in Dawki, Shillong is of 20-30minutes and the view from the center of the stream is simply dynamite. You will see fishermen fishing and a few youthful folks hopping from a clasp on your ride over the waters.

They will take you to a little island in the center where you can click pictures. You can likewise drench your feet wet free water or gather an impeccably molded stone.

Jaflong Zero Point

Coming back from the little rough island to where you began, they will take you to the Jaflong Zero Point. From this spot where you can see the lavish green terrains of Bangladesh.

You can see individuals drawing closer from the opposite side too. You can likewise have a couple of discussions with them.

Dawki Suspension bridge

Dawki Suspension bridge is one of the most famous vacation destinations in Dawki. While sailing through the stream you will see an extension over, this is known as the Dawki Suspension span.

This extension interfaces the Jaintia Hills and the Kashi slopes. This extension likewise goes about as a street course to interface the Indo-Bangladesh line with the Dawki Village.

We asked our driver who was going on us on the outing about this scaffold. He let us know that the British assembled this extension in 1932. It interfaces the street as far as possible from Dhaka toward the North-East.

You can take your vehicle from the Dawki sailing point to the Indo-Bangladesh line through this bridge.

Indo-Bangladesh Friendship gate

The Indo-Bangladesh fellowship door, otherwise called the “Maitri Dwar” is fabricated as of late 2018.

It is worked as an indication of fellowship between India and Bangladesh.

Our vehicle driver enlightened us concerning this gate and how you can draw near to the Bangladesh line. We went there by going through the suspension bridge.

There is likewise a little market set up for the vacationers as well as local people.

Here, a few Bangladeshis likewise come to set up their stalls. This is finished to increment exchange relations between India and Bangladesh.

You can likewise go to the no man’s zone among India and Bangladesh assuming you approach the BSF.

Different activities you can do

We heard that there are a few fun and courageous exercises that you can do in Dawki. I for one didn’t do those as those exercises don’t come in the 1-Day Itinerary of Dawki.

Here are some of them:

  1. Camping
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Zip line
  4. Rappelling

What’s the best time to visit?

Dawki has a lovely climate over time, making it amazing to visit whenever. Found just underneath the Jaintia Hills, is the Dawki town, favored with colossal magnificence and lavish vegetation. Dawki can be visited both throughout the summer and winter. Despite the fact that it gets colder in winter, the temperature stays charming and endurable to anybody.

Where to eat at Dawki?

Situated on a raised slope, there are relatively few eateries in Dawki. Have a go at tasting the brilliant Meghalayan cooking at the Dhabas en route to Dawki from Shillong. The Dhabas here serve the absolute best mind-boggling dishes. While in Meghalaya, ensure you evaluate their well-known delicacies like – Dohneiihong, Makham-Bitchi, Jadoh, and Jhur Sideh. Not simply luxuries, the products of this district are similarly wealthy in taste.


  • Check and track the weather basically seven days prior to travel.
  • Wear climate-fitting garments,
  • Stunt: Be certain to wear floaties rather than shoes while visiting waterfalls. Floaties will generally evaporate fast that material or some other shoes.
  • Make certain to convey your camera any place you go. The land is loaded up with grand magnificence.
  • Make certain to convey an additional arrangement of garments, packs, and emergency treatment unit while voyaging.

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FAQs about Dawki, Meghalaya

Could I at any point go to Bangladesh from Dawki?

Indeed, you can go to Bangladesh from Dawki, yet provided that you have your Visa. Without a visa, the furthest you can go is the dead zone, a little region between India and Bangladesh.

Are vehicles permitted on the suspension bridge?

Indeed, they permit vehicles on the Dawki Suspension span. Just a single vehicle can cross the bridge at a time.

Assuming you have some other inquiries, remark them down and I will respond to them.

Did you visit this unlikely treasure in Meghalaya? Could it be said that you are intending to visit? Tell us in the comments.

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