Chor Bazaar Mumbai (Timings, History, Images, Location & Information)

Situated close to Bhendi Bazaar on Mutton Street at Award Street in Mumbai, not far off of Mohammad Ali Street, the 150-year-old Chor Bazaar is the country’s biggest swap meet that draws in an immense number of guests, the two local people as well as vacationers the same. Rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that all taken things turn available to be purchased at Chor Bazaar.

Chor Bazaar Mumbai

Starting today, the Bazaar is most popular for its biggest assortment of collectibles and recycled things at incredibly modest rates given one is talented at hard dealing since the costs here are extremely liquid. Chor Bazaar is the perfect spot for any shopaholic.

At Chor Bazaar, they sell absolutely everything. There is no such thing that one may not find in Chor Bazaar. The assortment incorporates antique home-style things from art pieces of old film banners to gadgets to instruments to pendulum clocks to car parts and so forth.

Starting today, the Bazaar is more about recycled products as opposed to stolen merchandise as it was broadly known for during the pre-independence period. Notwithstanding, it is educated for guests to be careful concerning pickpockets when they are nearby.

The things from Chor Bazaarplace are additionally taken up on lease to be utilized for brightening Bollywood film sets. Likewise, the Bazaar is no strange to a film being shot here once in a while.

History of Chor Bazaar Mumbai

The historical backdrop of Chor Bazaar traces all the way back to a long time back when a nearby Bazaar, an extremely swarmed, clearly and boisterous spot, was set up at Duncan Street. The actual Bazaar bit by bit moved to its ongoing area which is nearby Grant Road Station.

The Bazaar used to be called ‘Shor Bazaar’ signifying, ‘Noisy Market’ in Hindi because of its clear sellers and boisterous by paths. It is said that the Europeans couldn’t articulate the name right and used to call it ‘Chor Bazaar’ consequently changing the whole significance of the name to ‘Thieves Bazaar’. As time elapsed, the Bazaar ultimately got its extremely durable name as ‘Chor Bazaarplace’.

One more story related to the name of the swap meet is that a violin and several different possessions from Queen Victoria’s assortment disappeared while being transported from Britain and were subsequently found at Chor Bazaar. Be that as it may, there is no observer to the occurrence.

Shopping at Chor Bazaar Mumbai

For any individual who is a shopaholic, Chor Bazaar is a fortune and one would constantly wind up shopping more than they could have planned. There are shops that date back to pre-independence days that are controlled by second or third ages. Recorded beneath, are the group of merchandise guests can shop from Chor Bazaar and this additionally incorporates the area of shops and shop numbers or names of proprietors.


They come in all tones, shapes, sizes, and make and are the most sought-after things among all. There are old-fashioned lights, replicas or first copies of the firsts, unique frontier period lights, the old lamp fuel tropical storm lights, glass lights, and ceiling fixtures. The most popular among all light shops is the 121 Mutton Street shop named The Anwar Light Shop.

One of the most established light shops is that of Sayed Usman which has been there beginning around 1941. Alongside collectibles, he likewise sells duplicates and says dissimilar to the name, no things of Chor Bazaarplace have a place with taken merchandise. All are either one-of-a-kind or copies of the original.

Unique Miniatures and Classic Cameras

There is this shop named Camera House at 137 Mutton Street that brags of one of the biggest assortments of classic cameras and is a gold mine for individuals who love everything one of a kind. The cameras here range from box cameras to 8mm film cameras.

Aside from loading rare cameras, the shop additionally is home to the most shocking scope of smaller-than-normal vehicle vehicles like motorbikes, vehicles, trucks, planes, and so on. One of the oddest or idiosyncratic things to keep as an assortment is old bread tin cans.


The notice of the word gramophone takes anybody on a nostalgic ride to the days when tunes were played on the record with the assistance of a playback pointer that imitated the recorded sound by following the score and vibrating the record.

Chor Bazaar, being a center of rare has a range of assortment of enormous gramophones.

Bronze Sculptures

The shops lined at 95-120 Mutton Street have the absolute most true, old, and antique as well as luxurious bronze pieces. One should simply search for that ideal piece and not settle for what is by all accounts showing up on the front. The sculptures of Divine beings and Goddesses alongside models, everything being equal, can be tracked down in these shops.

Knickknacks and Wrist Watches

The name of the shop at shop 107/A Lamb Road is Little Stuff Trinkets and it satisfies its name. The larger part of the stuff is made of bronze that incorporates cow bells, milk buckets, rare pots, horns, and so on.

The little shop that fixes and sells old wristwatches is possessed by Sartaj Qureshi who gloats to have a noteworthy assortment of antique wristwatches.

Bollywood Banners

An admirer of everything one of a kind would unquestionably cherish visiting one of the shops that propose to give rare banners of any Bollywood film made till date. And so on and the shop has it. The most generally visited banner shop is A-One Corner at 99 Mutton Road.

Power Tools

Parda Tools Center at 150 Mutton Street is loaded up with everything power apparatuses and one would find their whole assortment of force devices either draping by the harmonies outside the shop or stacked up at one of the tables outside the shop.

However there are different shops to that deal with power devices and are connected together in a similar back street, the Parda Power tools nearly have all that a guest could require.

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