20 Best Beaches In Florida, Fl To Visit

Investigate a few of the best beaches in Florida on your vacation to one of these extraordinary locations. Browse little confined islands, lakes, calm FL beach towns, and city escapes with extraordinary state parks, a few steps from renowned exhibition halls, attractions, and eateries.

Best Beaches In Florida – List of Best Beaches In Florida, Fl To Visit

Best Beaches In Florida

Play in the water, relax in the sun, assemble sandcastles, and mess around with your children on these dazzling Florida beaches on your Florida weekend escape.

Key Biscayne

An outing across the Rickenbacker Causeway across the lovely Biscayne Bay is an experience in itself, yet after a short drive from the hustle and bustle of Miami, you will wind up in the essence of Florida in a little island town between two great parks – Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and Crandon Park.

Palm tree-lined roads, curious shops, galleries, restaurants, and, obviously, probably the best beaches in Florida make Key Biscayne a wonderful escape destination.


Sarasota’s Siesta Key beach is one of the most amazing Florida beaches. Glinting white and made of unadulterated quartz crystal, this piece of heaven is embraced by the waters of the Gulf Coast. Furthermore, that is only one of a few Sarasota beaches to browse.

You could find it hard to leave your hammock or lounge chair on the oceanfront in this exuberant Florida Bay Coast town south of Tampa, however, the children could request some activity.

Mexico Beach

Mexico Beach is one of the most amazing Florida beach towns where time has halted. Only a little ways from Panama City Beach, you will find no extravagant retreats or colossal townhouse structures obstructing the dynamite perspective on the sea.

Just miles and miles of fine sand, emerald waters, and curious coastline eateries and shops where you can go shoeless like every other person. Mexico Beach is home to the absolute most gorgeous beaches in Florida.


Most popular for its fabulous golf and very good quality shopping, Naples, situated in southwest Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, is an ideal family holiday spot. The city has miles of powder-fine brilliant sand beaches and numerous superb parks where children can go through hours building sand palaces, swimming, or making a move. This region is home to probably the best Florida beaches.

Take a free tram through the rich mangroves to the Clam Pass Park, and take a walk around the notable Naples Pier built in 1888.

Cedar Key

Cedar Keys comprise charming little islands around three miles off the Florida coast around 100 miles north of Tampa and fifty miles southwest of Gainesville. Easygoing and beguiling, a significant number of them are uninhabited and make for an impressive kayak destination where you can go through a day on the abandoned beach.

St. Petersburg

Situated between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, St. Petersburg is the city where it won’t ever rain. As a matter of fact, the city holds the world record of 768 days of bright days straight. No big surprise all the lovely city beaches are agreed with sun admirers and children playing in the sand and sprinkling in the shallow waters.

For a change of landscape, visit Clearwater Marine Aquarium, fun Fort De Soto Park, or South Florida Museum and Cleric Planetarium, and take them fishing at the Skyway Fishing Pier park.


Situated on the Emerald Coast in northwest Florida in the Gulf of Mexico, Destin is home to the absolute best white sand beaches in Florida, radiant green waters, and awesome fishing. Waters are so wealthy in fish that the town is named the “world’s most fortunate fishing town.”

Children will be happy with a visit to the Big Kahunas Water and Adventure Park, a swimming outing, or a dolphin journey.


While visiting one of the four islands that make Islamorada in the Florida Keys, almost certainly, you will invest the greater part of your energy under, on, or by the water. Fishing is a significant interest for vacationers and a cause of occupation for local people.

You can invest time in or on the water by swimming, diving, parasailing, kayaking, windsurfing, boat racing, and in any event, taking care of a huge silver tarpon.


Jacksonville is an enormous, current city in upper east Florida, a business and social center of the locale. In any case, there is one more motivation to visit Jacksonville: it is another, more regular side. The city has 22 miles of fine sandy beaches that are never packed where you can laze the day away or participate in any of the water activities.

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is a little piece of heaven simply a short drive from Fort Myers. 15 miles of the most stunning beaches possible encompass the island, and you can undoubtedly go through days not creating some distance from the water.

Guests could get themselves totally alone around the ocean, or other traveling families may be investing energy nearby. You will see that everybody goes as far as the ground occasionally. They participated in the most well-known island action, which is gathering shells.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is situated on a barrier island between the Atlantic Sea and Biscayne Bay. Its beachfront is fixed with wide, fantastic beaches, and Sea Drive, fixed with the famous beach, is the focal point of the island’s nightlife. Different beaches are more modest, more isolated, and more family-accommodating or are important for the nature reserves.

Fort Lauderdale

Post Lauderdale, a well-known traveler objective on the Atlantic coast around 23 miles north of Miami, is popular for its terrific beaches, 165 miles of interesting channels, and 46 cruise ships that set forth from the city. Somewhere around 170, 000 individuals live in Fort Lauderdale, however in excess of 12 million visits the city consistently. Why? It is a city where you can do nearly nothing or however much you need.

Key West

With a unique mix of history, stunning regular magnificence, an optimal environment, social variety, and design, Key West figured out how to charm and move Tennessee Williams, Ernest Hemingway, Elizabeth Bishop, Jimmy Buffett, Robert Frost, thus numerous others. You are next. The roads are unimaginably enchanting, with extravagant gingerbread mansions on one side and tin-roofed conch houses on the other.

Neighborhoods are fixed with palm trees and have been home to such countless societies and nationalities that following years and years, all became Kenyans.

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater is what we envision a beach town in Florida to seem to be: 2.5 miles of fine sand beaches, pleasant promenades, crazy beach shacks, a beach celebration each and every night in light of the fact that the sun is setting, and, in particular, various ice cream shops up and down the beach.

Clearwater Beach is situated on a restricted boundary island directly across the water from Clearwater, northwest of Tampa.

Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach will blow your mind. The beaches are glimmering white, wide, and uncrowded, standing out forcefully from the emerald green waters of the Atlantic. It is situated on a boundary island of Santa Rosa directly across the water from Pensacola in the central area.

The excellence of the island is entrancing, and it is feasible to go through hours, or even days, simply lying on the sand watching the skyline and feeling every one of your concerns float away.

St. Augustine

Barely an hour’s drive from Jacksonville or Daytona Beach, St. Augustine is America’s most seasoned town with an extremely youthful soul. Old cobblestoned roads are fixed with displays, eateries, and shops, and the radiant beach is encompassed by timeless dunes that is a central hub for sun admirers – the city has attractions for any age or interest.

Jupiter Island

Beat by the furious floods of the Atlantic Sea and split between Palm Beach and Marine regions, Jupiter Island is a terrifically lovely thin boundary island with rich and various plant and creature life and miles of fine sand beaches. There is such a great amount to accomplish for nature lovers, so you ought to partake in the delightful beach parks before the children find all the activity.

Anna Maria Island

A small, seven-mile-long island off Florida’s West Coast, Anna Maria Island is widely popular for its stupendous dusks, and it is known for being a hideout for some famous people. It is likewise renowned for its easygoing way of life common in Florida, wonderful beaches, and nature trails that will take you generally around the island by walking, on a bicycle, on rollerblades, or on one of the free streetcars.

Marco Island

One of Florida’s Thousand Islands, and the main created one, Marco Island is found simply a short ride from Naples and the Florida Everglades. It is an amicable mix of extravagant resorts, tremendous beaches, and wild, pristine parks. Children can go through days investigating beautiful sand beaches and gathering shells, however assuming they get exhausted with that, take them to visit Briggs Nature Center with a half-mile long boardwalk where they can observe wild animals in their genuine, regular territories.

Delray Beach

Simply an hour north of Miami, Delray Beach is a little oceanfront town with unforeseen complexity and quite possibly the prettiest beach in Florida. The city has enthusiastic craftsmanship existence with more than 20 displays, and there are workmanship pieces all over midtown. The well-known Pineapple Grove Arts District is home to Artists Alley, where guests can watch specialists working in their studios.

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