19 Best Beaches In Maryland To Visit

Maryland is characterized by its beautiful streams and 31 miles of shore on the Atlantic Sea and the heavenly Chesapeake Bay. The shore is dabbed with little sandy beaches, yet for serious waterfront fun, Marylanders go to Sea City, Sandy Point State Park, Assateague Island, and North Beach.

Best Beaches In Maryland – List of Best Beaches In Maryland To Visit

Best Beaches In Maryland

A portion of Maryland’s best beaches is not on the sea but rather on riverbanks or one of numerous picturesque man-made lakes, for example, Cherry Beach on the Nanticoke Waterway or Rough Hole State Park Beach on Lake Habeeb.

Ocean City

A retreat town situated between the Atlantic Sea and Isle of Wight Cove, Ocean City is renowned for 10 miles of brilliant sandy public beaches, the 3-mile-long footpath, and over 200 eateries.

A family objective, Sea City offers a scope of waterfront fun, like Trimper’s Rides on the southern end of the boardwalk.

Assateague State Park

Maryland’s only park on the beachfront, Assateague State Park is a lovely obstruction island popular for its 2 miles of sandy beaches, a gigantic variety of birds, and eminent wild ponies. The recreation area is situated on the 37-mile-long Assateague Island, between Sinepuxent Inlet and the Atlantic Ocean.


A well-known Beach retreat town from the last part of the 1800s until the early twentieth century, Betterton was the spot to see and be seen during the warm summer. Beautiful dignified homes roosted on top of the slope sitting above the sea and the lavish lodgings were humming with life.

The town is currently generally a retirement local area, tranquil and calm, with an exquisite Beach at the lower part of the town slope sitting above the Chesapeake Bay.

Calvert Bluffs State Park

Situated close to Lusby, Maryland, on the end of the Calvert Promontory in the Chesapeake Bay, Calvert Cliffs State Park is named for the renowned monstrous bluffs that rule this 30-mile-long part of the Chesapeake coastline.

The whole region is known for the fossils of 600 species from the Miocene sub-age. This famous public diversion region is well forested and has a little lake and some verdant wetland regions.

Cherry Beach

Situated in Sharptown, around a short way from Salisbury, on the shore of the upper Nanticoke River, Cherry Beach is a wonderful real estate parcel initially given to the town by A. W. and, Ida Robinson for public recreation.

Today, the famous park has a fishing dock, a boat incline, a major picnic structure with outdoor tables, and a well-kept Beach region. During the last redesign in 2009, the recreation area got a children’s structure and a lovely strolling trail that connects the Beach region to Adapt Bennett Park.

Cunningham Falls State Park

Near Washington, D. C., close to Thurmont in the core of the grand Catoctin Mountains, Cunningham Falls State Park is a famous spot for the city people to spend a weekend encompassed naturally.

Partitioned into two particular and isolated regions, the recreation area has a lake, falls, and setting up camp in one, and the Scales and Stories Aviary, a verifiable iron heater, and setting up camp in the other region.

Deep Creek Lake

Deep Creek Lake, with very nearly a mile of picturesque coastline, is the biggest Maryland inland waterway. Covering around 3,900 sections of land, this man-made lake is perfect for fishing and birdwatching. Swimming on the sandy lakeshore Beach is perfect during sweltering summer days.

The lake was made in 1920 as a consequence of the damming of Deep Creek. Today, the lake and the dam are important for Profound Stream Lake State Park. There is a community boat slope, and fishers come in enormous numbers searching for largemouth, smallmouth and rock bass, northern pike, and other fish species.

Greenbrier State Park

Greenbrier State Park is situated close to Boonsboro on the inclines of South Mountain and is most popular for the part of the Appalachian Path that goes through it. The recreation area has a pleasant 42-acre of a man-made lake with a wonderful Beach for swimming in the late spring.

Kayaking, fishing, and hunting are likewise well-known. There are numerous more modest paths going through the recreation area that interface with the Appalachian Trail. There is a straightforward, provincial setting-up camp region as well as a cookout region with outdoor tables and seats.

Hammerman Beach

Situated inside Gunpowder State Park, Hammerman Beach is a day-use region with a famous 1,500-foot-long sandy Beach on the Gunpowder river. There is a lifeguard on the job during the season.

The famous family outing region offers children’s jungle gyms, excursion structures, kayak, and canoe rentals, and a concession region. Fishing is famous, and numerous fishermen come to attempt their hand. There is likewise a boat shelter and the Riverside Grille on the off chance that you get ravenous as well as a short and simple climbing trail.

Hart-Mill operator State Park

Hart-Miler State Park is situated on uninhabited Hart-Miller Island in Chesapeake Bay. This 1,100 acres of land, situated close to the mouth of Center Waterway, can be gotten to simply by boat. Safe mooring is situated on the western shore, close to the 3,000-foot-long fine sandy Beach.

The recreation area likewise incorporates Joy Island and Falcon Inlet. There are a few camping areas, which are particularly famous for energetic fishers.

Janes Island State Park

Janes Island State Park is situated on the Eastern Shore of Maryland on Chesapeake Sound, not a long way from Crisfield. The park has a central area region with a gathering community, structures, outing regions, an enormous camping area, and rental lodges. There is likewise a marina and a public boat slope.

Janes Island, additionally a piece of the recreation area, covers 2,900 acres of land of for the most part saltmarsh.

Matapeake Beach

Around 50 miles from Baltimore, Matapeake Beach on Kent Island is most popular as the Dog Beach, a rare example where dogs can frolic in the shallow water and run along the sand. The Beach is situated on Chesapeake Cove’s east side and offers magnificent perspectives on the Bay Bridge.

The Beach is important for Matapeake State Park, which likewise has a public Beach for individuals, where pets are not permitted. There is likewise a noteworthy clubhouse, an amphitheater, a fishing wharf, a decent cookout region, and miles of climbing trails through the island’s lush region.

North Beach

North Beach is a little Maryland waterfront town on the shore of Chesapeake Bay, around 30 miles from Annapolis. The town extends more than seven blocks of waterfront, with a famous fishing wharf and a long footpath.

The footpath has a different bicycle way and is fixed with seats that are ideal for unwinding and partaking in the perspective of Chesapeake Bay.

Point Lookout State Park

Point Lookout State Park is situated on a landmass between the Potomac Waterway and the Chesapeake Bay. During the Nationwide conflict, the recreation area was the area of a famous prison camp that held in excess of 52,264 Confederate fighters.

Point Post is a well-known family vacation spot for people from the Washington, D. C., region. There is a boat send-off, a scope of campgrounds in the recreation area’s obscure lush regions, cookout regions, children’s jungle gyms, and extraordinary swimming on the oceanfront.

Rough Gap State Park

Situated close to Flintstone in a mile-long crevasse encompassed by sheer bluffs with marvelous disregards, rich hemlock forest, and in excess of 278 campgrounds, Rough Hole State Park is 3,000 sections of land of superb wild. In its heart is a wonderful, clear 243-section of land Lake Habeeb, provided by the water from the Rough Hole Run.

The recreation area likewise has the interesting Scales and Stories Aviary, a natural community, a magnificent confidential swimming Beach, a children’s playground, and admittance to an organization of climbing trails.

Sandy Point State Park

Situated on the northwestern shore of Chesapeake Bay, Sandy Point State Park covers 786 acres of land of a beautiful green region with superb beaches, all-around oversaw excursion regions, and marvelous perspectives sitting above Chesapeake Inlet.

The recreation area was opened in 1952 and has been a famous family objective from that point forward. There is a great deal to do in the recreation area, beginning with swimming, fishing, drifting, climbing, setting up camp, and natural life watching. There is a marina with boat rentals for the people who like to invest some energy cruising the waters.

Newtowne Neck State Park

Newtowne Neck State Park is situated on the 776-acre of the land peninsula between St. Concretes Bay, Breton Sound, and the Potomac Stream. It has 7 miles of waterfront and is overseen by the Department of Natural Resources, which has the objective of shielding the region from improvement.

The recreation area region was home to the Piscataway Local Americans until they were dislodged by the white pioneers.

Gunpowder Falls State Park

Black powder Falls State Park is one of the biggest state parks in Maryland, shaped in 1959 to safeguard the great Huge and Little Gunpowder Falls as well as the Gunpowder River.

Divided into six particular regions, the recreation area covers 18,000 acres of land of different biological systems, going from rough inclines to flowing wetlands. The park area has north of 120 miles of climbing, trekking, and horseback riding trails, the Wildlands Circle, fishing regions, and huge memorable locales.

Breezy Point Beach

Breezy Point Beach is a family-accommodating sporting objective that is cherished by families from all over. Summer ends of the week will find numerous guests plunging into the Beach town to appreciate weekend escapes or long-term visits.

That doesn’t imply that mid-year is the main opportunity to visit, notwithstanding, as slow time of year months are as yet an incredible chance to visit and enjoy the waterfront.

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