Agrasen ki Baoli Delhi (Entry Fee, Timings, History, Built by, Images & Location)

Agrasen Ki Baoli has existed in Delhi for a long time, yet it was shortly after Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer PK, that the spot acquired the national and global spotlight.

It was in Agrasen Ki Baoli that the person played by Aamir Khan takes cover in, during the film. Since the quantity of travelers running to the spot has expanded manifolds. PK wound up turning into a shelter for Agrasen Ki Baoli as it welcomed the put on the national map.

Agrasen Ki Baoli(Delhi) – All You Need to Know About It Before Visit

Agrasen ki Baoli Delhi

Agrasen Ki Baoli is the most seasoned landmark of central Delhi and is, by a long shot, one of the most saved Baolis of the city. It is situated close to Connaught Spot, near Hailey Street, in Hailey Path. It is additionally exceptionally near other significant locales of Delhi including the India Gate and the Jantar Mantar.

Details for Travelers

  • Popular For: Engineering, The travel industry, Experience searchers, and Photography.
  • Entrance Fee: No entry fee is charged to travelers or guests here.
  • Visiting Time: One can visit on the entire days of the week from 7 A.M. to 6 P.M.
  • Visit Duration: Roughly 90 minutes.

Situated in the tight path of Hailey street, Agrasen Ki Baoli is a famous landmark that is visited by vacationers from all pieces of the country. It is kept up with by the Archeological Survey of India and one may know all about its spooky stories. It is without a doubt a should-visit spot and for good enough reasons. Find out about this spot in this article.

Voyager Tips

  • Throughout the summer months, Delhi’s heat is practically agonizing. Convey a scarf or umbrella. Carry your shades too for safeguarding the eyes.
  • Wear comfortable garments that will make your excursion fun and liberated from stress.
  • There is a ton of region to cover so you could feel parched. Remain hydrated by conveying heaps of water or any beverage of your decision. You can likewise decide to convey a little dry food.
  • Littering the spot is an offense and stringently denied. Keep the construction clean and abandon no plastic sacks.
  • Be cautious while climbing the stairs. Try not to allow the youngsters to go around.

What should be done

  • Delhi, particularly the Janpath Market which is extremely near the Agrasen ki Baoli is popular for its road shopping. You will find the spot loaded up with individuals generally attempting to deal with and get their hands on astounding things. Garments, sacks, shoes, adornments you will get everything.
  • In the event that you are a foodie and love tasting real cooking styles, check out the close by region. There are well-known road shops that offer a wide range of things.


Agrasen Ki Baoli is one of the most significant baolis of Delhi. Otherwise called Agrasen Ki Baodi, the authentic landmark is being safeguarded by the Archeological Survey of India under the Old Landmarks and Archeological Sites and Remains Act of 1958. The baoli is 15-meter wide and 60-meter long.

There is no notice in the set of experiences concerning who made the baoli; be that as it may, it is accepted to have been worked by King Agrasen. It is said that it was remade in the fourteenth 100 years by the Agaral people group. The baoli now fills in as a position of verifiable significance, a hang-out spot for family picnics, and an objective for lovers in Delhi.

The word Baoli alludes to a stage well. Otherwise called Baodi or Bawdi, this sort of design can much of the time be tracked down in the territories of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Temple step wells and water sanctuaries were very famous in antiquated India. The step wells and supplies in places like Dholavira give a fair feeling of the compositional examples continued in the Indus Valley Civilisation.

The architecture of Agrasen Ki Baoli is a fairly fascinating one and is one of its sort in Delhi. It has 108 steps that lead to the step well. The step well in Agrasen Ki Baoli is partitioned into three levels. These levels are fixed with angled specialties on the two sides. These curves filled in as a gathering place and gave help from the intensity during summers. There are additional entries to the rooms developed in the baoli. Nonetheless, the rooms are presently locked for the sake of security.

In spite of the fact that it is a lot more established structure, according to the building perspective, apparently, this step well has been reconstructed during the Tughlaq residency. One can express that based on the compositional details of the spot, which is unique in relation to that of Anangtal Baoli, which is the most established Baoli of Delhi, situated in Mehrauli. Anangtal Baoli was underlying the tenth century by Anang Buddy II, the Rajput lord from the Tomar tradition. Anang Tal infers its name after the lord’s name, subsequently meaning the repository given by King Anang Pal.

In spite of the fact that there isn’t a lot of lucidity on how Agrasen Ki Baoli has its name, there’s one more story to it as well. It is accepted that it is named after the Agrawal people group. In 1132 CE, there was an Agrawal artist named Vibudh Shridhar. In one of his works called Pasanahacariu, he referenced a compelling Agrawal merchant called Nattal Sahu.

Accessibility of Guides

The most effective way to find out about Agrasen Ki Baoli is by finding it on the web as you can’t recruit guides in this landmark. There are different blog entries and articles that will give you point-by-point data about its set of experiences and unbelievable stories.

Step-by-step instructions to Reach

Arriving at Agrasen Ki Baoli is one of the most problem-free undertakings. Situated a ways off of 1 kilometer from the New Delhi station, you can take an auto or a rikshaw to this spot.

From the Indira Gandhi International Airport, it is around 14 kilometers away. From here you can benefit the transport or taxicabs.

The spot is additionally extremely near 3 metro stations including the Cannaught Palace and the Janpath Metro station. It is extremely advantageous to Arrive at this landmark.

What is the best time to visit?

For most part of the year, the capital of the nation is completely warmed up. The temperature throughout the late spring months is outrageous and not implied for travelers and tourists. Thus, any reasonable person would agree that the long stretches of October and March are the best opportunity to take a visit to this magnificent spot. There are loads of landmarks and spots to visit in Delhi. Spring and winter are extremely wonderful.

Intriguing Realities about Agrasen Ki Baoli

  • It was worked during the Maharashtra Time by Maharaja Agrasen.
  • The essential component used to construct this very much was red sandstone.
  • The spot was developed to act as a reservoir of water in the prior times.
  • The Agrasen Ki Baoli is frequently professed to be the place of underhanded spirits. Local people say that the spot is spooky on the grounds that many individuals have attempted to end it all here. The discouraged spirits surrendered their lives by hopping into the well.
  • The term ‘Baoli’ alludes to a well that is utilized to store water and could be reached by moving down a series of steps.
  • There is a flimsy mosque at the western end of this structure.
  • A new film in Bollywood (‘PK’) featuring Aamir Khan was shot in this landmark.

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